Friday, April 01, 2005

grumpy is my name

Warning, major self pity ahead. Click elsewhere if you can't stand to hear me whine.

I want food. I want real food. I am tired of high protein shakes and puddings, bars and "entrees". I knew this would come, the restlessness, discontent...the desire to eat for pity's sake.

But I am so cranky today, I cannot stand myself. I want a banana. Or a tuna sandwich. Or something.

Knitting? I am too cranky to knit - This is frightening in itself.

So far, 12 pounds off. Yeah, yeah, it's wonderful and all that crap. I want a Subway sandwich.


1 comment:

Bron said...

Hang in there, hon - you'll be glad you did. I know it's a bitch but this time is different - this time you'll succeed forever & ever, amen! I can semi-relate - I don't have to deal with protein shakes but damn it, I want a cinnamon roll drenched in butter! I need to get it through my head that those days are faaaar behind me.

Sending you massive support vibes - and hugs too - B