Monday, April 03, 2006

Living yes, knitting no.

Yes, I am alive. No, I haven't been knitting. Well, except for the frantic finishing of the Baby Albert Coat for the coworker's shower. That's it. Zilch.

Moved this weekend, been working 1,000,000 hours a week (it seems), and absolutely every last measure of energy is going into finishing a troupe choreography for a performance in three weeks. Yes, that means in three weeks we travel 3 hours to perform it...and it's not done being choreographed. This tells you...I'm in over my head.

But yes, I am alive, and appreciate the enquiries as to my continued existence.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Post-Olympic Debriefing

Nope. I'm not done. In fact, I did not knit a stitch on Sunday, the final day. It was Jodie's birthday and I spent it with her.

Rogue: Well, I'm at row 24-25ish on the Bloody Hood of Doom. The rows are short...but I have to pay attention virtually every row for cables and WS/RS issues and it is exhausting. Then I peeked ahead at some of the other Roguers...and saw the grafting of the cables. I grew faint of heart right then and there. I've bookmarked a tutorial on grafting the hood, and when I get to that point I will wait until the house is quiet and sit at the computer and graft it step by step. Then it will be on to the sleeves and finishing. Did I "win" Gold? Nope, but I'm very pleased with my progress nonetheless.

Lots of movie watching this weekend...The newest Wallace & Grommit, The Man, Desert Hearts, King Arthur, and O Brother Wherefore Art Thou. The music of the latter was the music of my mother played bluegrass/gospel/country incessantly. Sometimes I just can not listen to it...but I truly enjoyed it in the movie.

Wallace&, I love 'em, but this was not my favorite.

The Man - Not a "great work" but silly and made me laugh a lot.

Desert Hearts - This is an old lesbian favorite that I had never seen. Again, was okay. Some lesbian culture icons just don't "do it" for, uh, a lot of the Indigo Girls stuff...Ani I can take it or leave it.

King Arthur - Jodie and I are both huge fans of all things King Arthur/LOTR/fantasy type stuff. This was a very different take on the Arthurian legend. Violent and bloody, but good.

O Brother - Funny...but the music really did it for me.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Hedrick and I have in common...


Did you watch Greg Hedrick in the 6 mile speed skate last night? Here is a guy who watched the last Olympics from Reno or Vegas or some such place, played blackjack and thought to himself, "Why aren't I there?" So he did something about it...changed sports from inline skating to speed skating and four years later...he is an Olympian with a Gold, Silver AND a bronze. Last night was the most exciting moment of the Olympics that I've seen so far...He was obviously fatigued but kept on...when he saw his competitor about to overtake him a few laps before the end, despite his fatigue, he said..."oh no you don't! You're gonna have to work hard to get past me!" and he took off and won Silver.

So what do Greg and I have in common? I'm pretty damn tired from my Olympian effort, that's what. But, I'm not giving up. There have been some points lost during these Knitting Olympics...but a lot has been learned.
  • Neck cable point inside out - Lesson learned: Trust my instincts
  • Mis-crossed cable on one side of body - Lesson learned: EZ's advice about "admiring" your work frequently...I could have tinked back and dealt with this easily if I'd been watching my work...instead, I didn't see it until a day or two (and many hours of work) later.
  • Shoulder seams look a little "beginnerish" - Lesson learned: Cut myself some slack. I gave myself a load of grief over this one, till I realized, hey, this is the first time I've ever gotten this far in a sweater, the first time I HAVE seamed the shoulders, so duh, it IS beginnerish.
  • Day 15 and sweater not done, nor will it be by closing ceremonies - Lesson learned: Rogue was definitely an Olympian challenge for me. I have continued on despite my falls, double-instead-of-triple jumps, and imperfect landings. I have gotten farther on this sweater in 15 days than I have in months of working sporadically on other projects. The ultimate lesson: Knit on...despite your projects imperfections...Knit on.

Today at 7 a.m., a little over 24 hours from The End of the Olympics, I am about to start row 9 of the hood. I have some concerns...when I hold it up, the sweater looks long and skinny, weirdish. I'm holding out on that point till the sweater is blocked. Overall, I'm very happy with my progress and send out huge kudos to Steph for beginning it all in the end. Non-knitters may think we're crazy, hon, and hell, we ARE....but we are a breed apart. And in my book, that's a good thing.

Friday, February 24, 2006

It won't be noticed on a galloping horse, right?

Last night, I bound off the left shoulder of Rogue. Again, the "hide the wraps" thing eluded me, and I was too tired to go searching on the web for info on I just did it my way. Does it show? A little, but not bad.

Then I spread it out to admire it...and realized that yes indeedio...the neck cable is a little wonky....because the "point" of the cable that winds up around the inside out. Yup...So....the cable just sort of appears out of nowhere to climb up the side. To rip it would be to take close to three days work out....and I don't have the heart for it. Kayla would probably not even realize it has a problem. Yes, I see it...and it bothers me, but I feel like I have to keep on. Not because of Olympic deadlines, but in the effort to finish it at all.

In the past, I would have shoved it in a bag and that would have been the end of it. In fact, that is the EXACT same thing that happened with MY Rogue... when I realized I had done part of the cable inside out...I lost all interest in it. True, I didn't care for the thiness of the fabric, but I was furious with myself for making such a stupid boo-boo.

This time, I said, "oh well. Finish it anyway. won't be perfect. So what?" Better to be done and not perfect than never finished. I also realized that when I got to that point of the cable on this Rogue, I felt really confused by the whole WS/RS/Chart crap.. and I tried to do what I thought was instructed rather than following my instincts. I think the instinct was correct when I look back...So, I learned something.

In happy news for me...a child support check is coming. I shared I've been under some stress....well, part of that was that child support just mysteriously stopped about 6 weeks ago. Child support constitutes about 1/3 of my income and when your budget has no room for error...losing 1/3 of your income sucks. Now, mind you, Prince Charming continues to owe $28,888 in back child support and is about as reliable as a pet chicken. In fact, that deficit of child support for YEARS is part of what has lead directly to my dire financial situation today.

For several years, the state of Oregon wrote him letters. "Mr. Smith, you have 30 days to pay child support, or we will take action against you!" Three months later (and no child support), another letter would go out "Mr. Smith, you are in danger of getting in trouble with'd better send some child support...or else!" They did that for three years...they did not garnish his wages. They did not suspend his driver's license. They did none of the things they have the power to do. I had numerous discussions with employees of the state of Oregon, the most memorable for me was the one where the woman says to me in a very condescending tone "Mrs Smith...we can not just harrass him if he's a little late!" I said, he hasn't made a payment in TWO YEARS! She replied "well, he DOES have rights you know!"

In direct contrast, when he moved to Massachustes...they wrote one letter "Mr. Smith, you owe $35,000 in back child support. You can not have a MA driver's license until you start paying. As well, we are garnishing your wages. If you quit your job, we will put you in jail."

God bless the state of Massachustes.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Slogging Ahead

Oh....This must be the spot I hit with the first Rogue that got me so confused I ended up stuffing it in a bag.

Last night, I made it into the neck cabling, and got thoroughly confused. It's that whole "WS" "RS" thing and charts...suddenly at around row 16 or 17, I realized...I was on the WS when I think I'm supposed to be on the RS...I finangled around....and now I think I have it right...uh...maybe. I'm forging ahead regardless. The cables appear to be coming along the right way...but frankly I'm not sure. Kayla will love it regardless of wonky cables and that is what counts for me today.

Another little "detail" that came along...the part where you "pick up and hide wraps as you bind off" part. That was another moment of...oh yeah..I had a problem with that last time....Did I do it correctly? I somehow doubt it....but the yarn makes it less conspicuous and I can live with it.

Will I finish by the Olympic closing ceremonies? Highly unlikely, but I will finish it!

While out at the local Michael's to use my 40% off coupon to buy a pair of Clover circs in a size I don't own...cause you of these days I might NEED it...I stopped dead in my tracks...because they now carry Paton's Classic Wool. My. Absolute. Favorite. Basic. Wool. No other shop in town carries it...and there it was....I drooled. I fondled a little. I did not purchase a single ball...but it has been on my mind ever since....

Must. Remain. Strong.....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last-Place Olympian...

I checked out (here, scroll to bottom) some of the other knitters working on Rogue for the Olympics....And I think I'm in last place. There are Rogue sleeves being blocked, Rogue Hoods being cast on and finished...and I haven't hit the neckline...tho I hope to do so today.

Now halfway through the Olympic time period...I have serious KADD (knitter's ADD). The aforementioned dance student's baby has arrived...and I long to cast on with some cushy, soft, colorful yarn.

Also par for the course...I am wanting to buy yarn. I am commited to knitting down my stash...but having to move and pay the evil state over $1,000 in taxes...I cannot afford yarn.
But I want to buy it just the same. I've been strong however, and resisted.

When I think of character traits, self-discipline is not one I could easily label in my personality. As I grow older however, I'm working on changing that. The difference between my knitting and the knitting of those I admire is just that, self-discipline. They finish projects, even when they become bored with them. They rip out when necessary and continue on. Yes, a few of their projects end up stuffed in bags just like mine....but overall they persevere and FINISH.

So, regardless of the inclination to say "oh I'll never finish....why not cast on for a baby sweater?" I WILL finish Rogue. I may not finish it in the Olympic time period, but I'll finish it before I cast on for another project.

Added later: I got an email from Margene congratulating me as a winner in her birthday contest! I can honestly say, Margene is one of the knitters I admire most. Her knitting inspires me, and her blog often makes me think about my knitting. Thank you Margene! I really needed a lil' sumptin' right now to perk me up...and a prize, well....that does it!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time's a'tickin....

Seen the countdown clock over at Yarn Harlots? Makes me even more sure I am not going to finish this thing, but I've been working on it anyway.

Working on my third repeat of the body, where you knit rows 33-38 six times. So far, both times I hit the cable row...I forgot it and had to tink back to the side cables and cross them. Three balls of yarn gone. My plan of carting around the sleeves and knitting them when I had time? Nice plan, not working.

Part of it...I'm sick. Not sure if it's a virus...or stress manifesting itself. Likely a little of both. I feel achy...and cranky....and like my head is full of cement.

I do have a couple pics to prove I'm knitting tho. Taken with daughter's cell phone, so they are not exactly high art, but you get the can see them here.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Color Me Done

You know it's Monday when:

When you get to work and after searching for your key card to open the door, you realize it's inside on your desk.

When you realize that because you are a moron who cannot apparently add, you are overdrawn.
When you go out to get in your car at lunch time, you see your keys locked in the car on the driver's seat inside....and naturally, that is your only set.

This is just a small sampling of my life, currently.

Olympic knitting: I'm at row 35 of the body, and I bit the bullet and made the kangaroo pocket. The pocket, it wasn't hard. Picking up the stitches from the back in a straight line to continue the body of the sweater...that was a new experience. After trying several times to successfully to achieve a straight line, I went to the original Rogue KAL archives and got some ideas. What finally worked was taking a piece of white yarn and using a tapestry needle to thread it through the row I wanted to pick up. I could then SEE where I was going.

Still not feeling the love for this yarn...but also remembering that after soaking and blocking it could become the yarn of my dreams.

I have a dance student ready to have a baby any minute...and I am having ADD thoughts of "I wonder if I could start something for her AND still do the Rogue for the Olympics..." I've restrained myself, so far.

In other news, it is official. We have to move. I could go on and on about how stressful this is for me, but if you've been around Sahara Knits long, you already know it. If you're new, I'll spare you just this once. Suffice to say I've had a headache for four days solid.

Friday, February 10, 2006

All For The Glory....

So, yeah. Tonight is the Olympics opening ceremonies.

I have prepped:

I purchased the yarn.

I swatched. I washed and blocked the swatch.

I have informed family of my Olympic intent and said as tactfully as possible "I'm going to be knitting. A Lot. Don't bug me."

I've hit upon the idea of having a sleeve with me at all times as my "to go" knitting...which will work only if I have an extra needle in that size, which I am doubting. Note to self: When you get home, start digging. Second note: Jodie will have your head if you spread your stash and needles all over again, don't do that.

How confident am I that I can actually "win" a gold for the US in this event? Uh...well. Not really at all. But it's supposed to be fun...and a challenge, right? And I am quite convinced now that lacking "the love" for this yarn, it won't get knit at all unless I Just Do It. That actually is quite a motivator for me.

The other major motivator is that I have had a hard time finishing projects begun for Kayla. Yeah, she's gotten some hats and scarves....but the socks I started for her fell by the wayside. The poncho also fell by the wayside. This really, really needs to get finished.

Lastly, a perk of having Mary home living on my couch is she can take pics with her camera for me. I'm going to try to keep a posting pics of progress to egg me on.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Knitting...Still

Busy, Busy and then...busy. Haven't knit a stitch in a few days. Makes me very cranky.

What have I been doing?

Working...a lot.

Helping Jodie get her ducks in a row for her candle business...making business cards, various flyers and handouts, etc.

Actually watched a DVD this week, when I had a few spare moments - "Crash". coworker went on and on about what a great movie this was...and don't get me wrong, it is a great movie...but it is also VERY INTENSE. This is not a "let your hair down after a shitty day" movie. Just before watching this movie, Jodie's car died in the middle of the street (fuel pump kicked the bucket). The same day, the landlord told us they are considering either raising the rent, or selling the home. Either way, I'm screwed there. The SAME afternoon...19yo daughter lands back into the nest...broke...trailing trauma drama all over the place.

So we watch this movie...and not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but when the little girl runs out to leap on her Daddy to protect him...Both of us screamed "NO!" at the top of our lungs and burst into tears. We just couldn't take it.

Through her tears, Jodie turns to me and says "I want you to kick *coworkers* ass all over the place for telling us to see this movie!!!"

Olympics are coming, and I'm waffling. I am not feeling the love for the naturwolle. I keep reminding myself, this is NOT for me, I didn't choose it, I don't have to like it. Maybe, in fact, this is the only way this sweater will ever be knit...under pressure!

Monday, February 06, 2006

No Title Today

I don't have enough oomph in me to even think of a title...and I have no knitting to report either. Mostly just effing busy....but wanted to put out there that I am around...I am reading blogs a little...I just have nothing blog-worthy.

Excited to start Rogue for the knitter's olympics...tho, I've been so busy this week I can't imagine how I'm going to finish it, but I don't care at this point...

I did discover that with "rabbit ears" on the TV...I can get NBC and therefore I really can watch the Olympics! Yay!

That's it, end of boring post. I do, however, have a "question of the day":

If you have teenaged you color your hair? Cause, I gotta tell you....Every encounter I have had with my 19yo in the last month has led to me actually FEELING the hair on my head turning gray....She is a lovely, talented, wonderful girl....who is driving me crazy with really poor choices...Like...she can barely pay her rent, but her friend got a new car and so, well of course she wanted a new car too....and so what did she go out and get? A 2001 RED Mustang. I could go on and on about why this is a really poor choice on her part...but what also kills me, is why on earth is anyone financing her? She can hardly support herself. She has been offered so many credit cards it boggles my mind. There is just something so wrong with the picture of credit availability in this country that I can't begin to express all it brings up for me.

Lastly, there is that piece of "I've talked to you 1,000,792 times about getting in over your head...why don't you listen to me?" No, I haven't said it....but I have sure thought it.

Lady Clariol....take my gray away.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Think There's Something Wrong With Me

12:30 pm EDIT: Did you hear a howl of indignation and frustration around 9 a.m.?
THEY WON'T LET YOU KNIT! NO KNITTING NEEDLES OF ANY TYPE. You may use a plastic crochet hook....and that's it. Out of the 50 people sitting there, six women were knitting. Every one of us groaned and drooped when told knitting needles are not allowed in the court room. I'm sure the psychic knitter's scream must have been heard round the globe....

I did manage 3.5 rows on The Braids while jury orientation went on...and I'm taking a book back after lunch.
End edit......

I have jury duty today....and I'm excited.

Because I can knit....

Folks have shared with me how boring it all was...what a hassle...blah, blah, blah.

My mind works a little differently:

" boss pays the diff between my so-called compensation from the court and my 'real' I'm not losing money...I get to be away from work and get paid...I CAN KNIT!!!!....this sounds mighty fine to me!"

I officially have JD until Feb 13...knowing my luck, how much ya wanna bet they don't call me during the tiny bit of Kntting Olympics that falls in that time?

Monday, January 30, 2006

I find this disturbing on more levels than I can express....Stolen from Norma...who got it from RockChick....


Knitting: Two whole rows on The Braids. Big whoopee, eh? A few rows on the Irish Hiking scarf for moi.

Bellydance was fast and furious this weekend. My class performed in the Central Oregon Dance Showcase (look to the right for a description. I lease space so I'm not listed under the teacher directory there) so there was dress rehearsal Friday night, the show Saturday night, Class Sunday night, and tonight there is troupe rehearsal. My butt's a'draggin.

I have found that a friend has a swift and I'm planning on heading over there to wind up some of the hanks I have laying around. I'm lazy...and balling up yarn while trying to keep it untangled off the door knob or back of a chair...well, it makes me crazy. I have a LOT of yarn in hanks. Yeah, I know, buy my own swift...but I can't right now. She doesn't have a ball winder, says she has always wound her own center-pull balls and will show me how. She spins and knits and tho I've known this for a long time, it will be our first time getting together for any fiber-related fun. I'm excited about it.

Been over to Marie's lately? She's having a contest! Hop on over and tell her I sent you, okay? She has new blog digs...go see!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Do A Little Dance...

Because it's Friday! Whew, began to wonder if this week would ever end.

I was very good. I am exceedingly proud of myself. I bit the bullet and made a swatch for my Olympic challenge, Kayla's Naturwolle Rogue. Then i actually washed the swatch and blocked it. It's not a big swatch, but it's a swatch. Swatching is not a natural step for me...casting on and going for it...then being completely annoyed after much labor is much more my style, oy....and *wash and block* the swatch? Never happened until now.

Thoughts on this process:
When I started my original Rogue from Cascade 220..I swatched....and swatched and swatched. I finally got gauge with size 10s...and I didn't like the resulting fabric many many hours into the project.

I got gauge on size 9's with the Naturwolle. Am I captivated by this yarn? No, but Kayla likes it and at that Elann price...well, I won't complain. It did puff up a bit after washing/blocking and I am thinking had I actually soaked it in a little Eucalan rather than plain water and let it sit in there awhile, I bet it would have puffed more. Hmmm, may do that this weekend just to see. This yarn is listed as "chunky" or may not agree entirely on that. Slightly heavy worsted is my thought. I know that when I make my own is going to be out of thick, luscious yarn and I don't care how much it costs.

My Over The Rainbow sock yarn arrived....and it is awesome...the colors are rich, it's soft...Mmmmmm. No clue what I'll make out of it...socks? Maybe.

I've been entertaining myself by surfing blogs on the Harlot's Olympic Knitters page. 1800 and I am speechless.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can Today Be Friday?

I'm ready for this week to be over.... I supervise three other employees at my job. It is not one of my favorite things to do the "correction" part of the job - confronting employees about poor performance etc. There was a little of that this week...and it amazes me how draining it can be. It went well enough..but I'm ready for the weekend.

My Elann order came in...I have the yarn for Rogue. Now that I have it...I am wondering can I really do this? But I guess that is the challenge part, aye? I'm also been tempted....deeply Kenny's Jaywalker with Magic Loop tutorial...Finishing a pair of socks would certainly qualify as a challenge for me, as well, learning Magic Loop is on my list of 42 in 42...and you know...I have a *little* sock yarn, ahem...cough cough...

Jodie's demonstrator kit for Gold Canyon Candles arrived last night...this will be exciting for her. Some of us are good at sales...and some of us aren't. She is very good at it and great with people. I am not good at it, but I am good at doing background stuff and I'm enjoying learning about it and helping her get out there.

There's a meme going around with lists of four things...and I thought I would take just one part of it, blogs I check daily, and share with you. There are more than four...but remember, I sit in front of a computer day in and day out and have lots of opportunities to surf. In no particular order:

Boi Who Knits
Knitti Me
Mossy Cottage Knits
Bron's Blog
Zen Needle
Purls Before Swine
Yarn Harlot
Snowball In Hell
Stumbling Over Chaos
Purl Ewe
Pink Purl Grrl
Now Norma Knits

There are others I check REGULARLY...but not daily. I'll list them next week. I'm a little nervous I might have left someone I check daily off...Don't hurt me if I forgot you, okay?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Please Mr. Postman, Look and See

Please Mister Postman, look and see (Oh yeah)
If there's a parcel in your bag for me (Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why's it takin' such a long time (Oh yeah)
For me to get that yarn of mine?

I know...Somewhere in the ether Karen Carpenter is holding her ears and humming "la la la la I can't hear la la.." As an aside, I spent every single school morning of my 7th grade year sitting on my best friend Debbie's bedroom floor singing along with The Carpenters albums. Her voice "spoke" to me then...and I still feel incredible sadness that she's gone.

Sappy, but true.

Anyway...I should be opening the mailbox to yarn....glorius yarn...any day now. After a fairly successful yarn fast...I have the Naturwolle for Kayla's Rogue - My Olympic Effort on it's way as well as that gorgeous Twinkletoes sock yarn...

Since I haven't opened the mail box to anything but bills and a jury summons in a really long time...I'm excited. I'm dying to train...uh swatch...for the Rogue. Tho, I have to say, we decided to let the cable go in order to pay other bills and the fact I won't be watching the Olympics while knitting my Olympic effort seriously bums me out. At the same time, I'm horribly I'll likely get more done NOT watching it.

Reminds me...conversation in the car recently:
Superhero: "Mom, when is the cable going to get turned back on?"

Me: "'s not. Cable is not a neccesity and we simply can not afford it right now."

Superhero: "But MOM!!! We NEED cable!"

Me: "Sorry Bud...I know it's a bummer."

Superhero: (wistfully) "I loved cable...."

Me: (internally) "Me too."

How did we get addicted to the idiot box so quickly? A couple of months of cable...and we're hooked....crack tv...yup...that's us.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Lassoing the Moon

Am I a Sunnfleupagus? Ryan says she needs to know.

Uh...yes (mostly) and no (a little).
  • You aren't obsessed with neatness. Uh...if you've seen my already know this.
  • You know when to be logical but you aren't afraid to explore your dreams and desires.
  • You are both somewhat introverted.
  • Like Snuffy, you probably like to have some time to yourself.


  • Moves slowly....I speak fast, walk fast, think fast. Drives those around me nuts.
  • Organized....Not.


I have ordered the wool for Rogue...after much angst because I can't make up my mind and I second guess myself to death, I ordered Austermann Naturwolle in the Stone colorway. So, dark gray instead of light gray....think it'll be any better Ryan?

So...I am sort of not staying within the boundaries of my "knit my stash down by 50%" if I'm adding yarn, aye? However, I do not plan to add more stash...but, then again...the majority of my stash enhancement is impulse...planning rarely enters into the equation.

With all the Jaywalker mania...I have to admit...I'm getting sock fever again. Good thing I have so much sock yarn, isn't it? I MUST, however, MAKE myself finish the Cat Bordhi socks before I cast on again for socks. I have half a sock to go to finish the pair. I set them down when I moved (last April) and never picked them up again.

In non-knitting news, I had my CPAP titration done Wednesday night. That means, I went back to the Sleep lab for another overnight stay - this time using the CPAP. They monitored me and adjusted the pressure. The next day, I picked up my CPAP. Now having slept two nights with it, I can already feel a surge in my energy's pretty amazing. Getting used to sleeping with it however, will just take time. Once I fall asleep, I'm fine. It's getting there that's the problem.

Interestingly (to me anyway)...when I was getting my CPAP machine..the lady looked through my paperwork and said "Holy Smoke! You have an Epworth of 20!" I looked blank and said..."Oh?....what does that mean?"

She replied "Well, I have worked with patients with Epworths of 10 who have fallen asleep at the wheel and had accidents. At 20, I can't imagine you have much quality of must want to sleep constantly."

I thought about it for a moment and said that actually, I do what I want...I lead a pretty full, busy life, but that I am really, really sick of being tired all the time.

When she handed me the machine, she smiled and said, "If you have done this well with this severe of a couple of weeks, you are gonna be able to lasso the moon."

Here's hoping she's right! Have a lovely weekend...

Thursday, January 19, 2006


This cracks me up...mostly because Jodie has been giving me grief about looking like Snuffy with my CPAP headgear... I had more to write about, but the code for the thing below keeps eating I'll save it for tomorrow....

You scored 43% Organization, 53% abstract, and 64% extroverted!
This test measured 3 variables.

First, this test measured how organized you are. Some muppets like Cookie Monster make big messes, while others like Bert are quite anal about things being clean.

Second, this test measured if you prefer a concrete or an abstract viewpoint. For the purposes of this test, concrete people are considered to gravitate more to mathematical and logical approaches, whereas abstract people are more the dreamers and artistic type.

Third, this test measured if you are more of an introvert or an extrovert. By definition, an introvert concentrates more on herself and an extrovert focuses more on others. In this test an introvert was somebody that either tends to spend more time alone or thinks more about herself.

You are somewhat organized, both concrete and abstract, and both introverted and extroverted.

I bet you didn't think you were Snuffleupagus. Let's find out why.

You are both somewhat organized. You have a good idea where you put things and you probably keep your place reasonably clean. You aren't totally obsessed with neatness though. Alloyius Snuffleupagus (and all Snuffleupagus') is not sloppy by nature, but he moves so incredibly slowly that it is impossible for him to be totally organized.

You both are about equally concrete and abstract thinkers. You have a good balance in your life. You know when to be logical at times, but you also aren't afraid to explore your dreams and desires... within limits of course. Snuffy generally has very basic interests, but he explores his abstract sensitive side when he plays his snuffleflute.

You both are somewhat introverted. Originally Snuffleupagus was very shy and was only Big Bird's invisible friend. However as he has aged he has started to build new friendships with new characters. Like Snuffy, you probably like to have some time to yourself. However, you do appreciate spending time with your friends, and you aren't scared of social situations.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Call Me Crazy...

But I went ahead and joined the Olympic Knit team....

A part of me says "yeah, sure Lisa....sure you can finish this in 16 days....who are you kidding?????" Well, I dunno, probably not anyone who has read my blog much. Yes, I start a lot of things and no I don't finish them very fast...if at all. I have knitter's ADD or something.

Well, truth be told, as soon as the project isn't "perfect" anymore, I tend to lose interest. This is a character defect I am working on, believe me.

So what do I want to knit in 16 days?'s supposed to be a challenge...ahem. I want to knit my 17-year-old Kayla a Rogue Hoodie. I have the pattern....I made one for myself all the way to the arm holes...but then problems ensued. Don't remember the problem, but something threw me off track. Later, looking at the project, I knew deep down I didn't really like the fabric my yarn choice was creating. I had picked Cascade 220, which is pretty much my all-around favorie yarn...but I had problems getting gauge and the fabric was just....limp. I liked other knitters versions of Rogue in Cascade 220...but mine was I loved the pattern...and I want to make one for myself as well one of these days.

So...I'm thinking Paton's Classic Merino. Then...I looked around online and saw a few people feel like this yarn pills...while others think it's the bomb. Then I started second guessing myself....maybe this wasn't a good choice....until I've made myself crazy. I've only worked with PCM on The Braids Cardigan...and while this is not finished, I love the fabric that is working up. Sometimes, when I smooth it out to admire (uh, check for boo boos) it....I just sit there and fondle it a bit. A lovely, squishy yarn...shows cables well (at least on this project)...100% wool...and available inexpensively online. I've yanked The Braids around a lot, in and out of bags, etc while working on it...and it continues to look fab. Other yarns have looked much less fab with less ill treatment. So...I think Paton's Classic Merino it will a light gray. If I don't second guess myself to death first.

Can I really do a whole sweater in 16 days? Hell, can I do a whole sweater AT ALL???? I have no whole sweaters to boast This WOULD be a personal challenge ....fer sure.

Anyone have any opinions on the Paton's??? My second choice would be Bartlett fisherman wool...but I've never used it....any thoughts on that one???

Why is making a choice so hard for me? And not just in yarn ANY choice...sometimes, I make myself so crazy I don't buy ANYTHING because I can't make an effing choice....arghhhhh.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Olympic Dreams

I grew up in a non-sporting family. They didn't play sports...they didn't watch sports. I never saw the Olympics until I was an adult. Since then, the Winter Olympics have always captivated me....the grace of the figure skaters...the speed of the luge....the bobsled...

Who wouldn't wonder what it would be like to put your body to the train until you were a finely tuned athlete hurtling toward your goal while millions watched enthralled??? Many of us are past the age of sporting competition, if indeed we ever were made of such stuff in the first place. We watch the Olympics knowing our time, if there ever was a time that was ours, is past....

But, perhaps not! Tho your opportunity to land a quad in the skating competition may have passed...tho you may not have the lean mean muscle machine of a body it takes to hurtle down an icy run in the too can go for the Gold! Thanks to the Yarn Harlot there is now Olympic Knitting! I won't repeat the rules...go read for yourself if you haven't already. I'm seriously considering this opportunity to challenge my knitting...most of all, to set a goal and attain it. I am a horrid procrastinator...a starter who rarely finishes. This would be a good opportunity to challenge myself.

What to knit? My mind has been buzzing on that one since I read the Harlot's post. Something that is a challenge...but that I COULD finish, if I put my mind to it...Stay tuned.

Now, for all my whining about not being a finisher...I finished Branching Out last night. Needs to be blocked...which could take months, knowing me....but it's done being knitted. I believe I got 29 repeats from the mohair and once it is blocked it will certainly be a great length. Pictures? Yeah, yeah I know. One of these days.

I would love to buy a digital camera. In fact, at one point, I may have thought about using my tax refund to do so.

Tax refund? What tax refund? The one I'm not getting? I went to the "tax lady" yesterday....and I OWE! My oldest at home turned 17 this year....and that means I don't get a child credit for her. Is that not the most sucky thing? Hello...I still support her 100%...but now that she's 17...I don't get a credit for her being a child? I say again..."HELLO!!! this is effed up!". What did it cost me? Over $1,000.

When my face fell in horror at learning I owe...She said (and I have no idea of her politics or her of mine, tho I've gone to the same tax office for the last 6 years...) "You can thank Mr. Bush for that one."

Gee. Thanks Dubya. How many days till he's gone? If I didn't owe the IRS...I'd buy THIS to keep track....

Friday, January 13, 2006


I know, rather unoriginal title, but it hits the mark. Let's recap this week...
  • Children have continued bickering incessantly, despite the end of the holiday break. Every waking moment at home is spend complaining, bickering, and/or harrassing their sib(s).
  • When not engaged in the charming behavior above...they have been wild...and I do mean...wild. Acrobatic, running, loud, rolling around on the floor kind of wild.
  • Work has I apparently have no tolerance for coworkers either.
  • The day I chose to go home early and get some much-needed sleep (and had futile hopes of knitting...) I was not thinking clearly and chose early-release Wednesday to go home. See first two bullets above to understand fully why this was not a great choice.
  • We are temporarily down to one car...with three working adults* in the house...this sucks.
  • The handle for the hot water in the master shower has broken...necessitating calling the landlord. The landlord will come by today and look at it. The problem with that is a) I am only supposed to have 2 pets...and I currently have 1 adult cat and 3 kittens and b) Landlord is OCD/Anal Retentive to the max and I am stressed out about the house not being clean enough. My lease expires in April and it is a fear (probably completely over hyped in my own mind) that they won't renew my lease.
  • I think (ahem, I know...) I've been spotty taking my antidepressant and as those who take them know...that can come back to bite you in the butt in a big way....which I think is sort of happening....

I have had some good things go on this week tho...I am in my last repeat of Branching Out (by the way, when I said I thought I had enough mohair for 10 more repeats...uh...I'm an idiot. Two, maybe three repeats tops). I cast on for an Irish Hiking Scarf for ME to match the mitts in LL worsted "waterfall" colorway which is my all time favorite.

I also broke my yarn fast. It wasn't much of a fast to be honest, but I did pretty well NOT spending. Then I cruised by Over The Rainbow....and saw this...and well....ahem...more yarn for me. What am I going to make out of it you ask? Hell if I know.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's Only Wednesday?

Are you sure it's only Wednesday? has been a really long week.

Branching Out...That's all I've been working on. Watched the Food Network while I managed a couple more pattern repeats... Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and (reluctantly) The Barefoot Contessa. The contessa....she bugs me. I don't know what it is...well, that's not true. She strikes me as pretentious and it just annoys me to death. Now Rachel? She's a little ditzy, but other than's like hanging out in a friend's kitchen. Paula? She's a crackpot really, but the kind you like. Cooking shows I can watch, knit and stay on track. Not much luck for me with other shows in that department.

Know what's my most recent secret trash tv addiction? MTV's "Made" - where teens with a dream get a chance for a make over and training by some biggie in that particular it dance, BMX racing, rap or whatevah. I'm 41 years old, what am I doing watching this crap? Don't have an answer to that...I just like it. Guess it appeals to the teen geek inside of me who wanted to break out and be somebody....

Still haven't made any decisions about a fair isle project...I have plenty of Rowan 4 ply in five colors, two blues, two dark reds and gray. DK weight I think. So far, everything I find calls for a heavier gauge, is huge, or looks too complex for my life right now. I suspect, joking aside, that I do have some kind of adult ADD...I've always just said I was scatterbrained, but after a little research....well, it would fit.

At any rate, if anyone has any ideas about a suitable fair isle project, let me know.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Lesbian Cardigan Mohair"

I find this to be an odd combination of words to search Google. I dunno, it just strikes me as odd. Taken on their own, each word surely fits here...but together...well, odd. To me anyway.

Four repeats completed last night on Branching Out, putting me just over 21 repeats completed. The Filatura mohair seems never ending...I'm sure there is plenty for probably 10 more repeats. This is a good thing, it will be long enough. My patience may not be long enough tho....Longing to work on something new....something different...

But, instead, I am working on finishing stuff. Working on The Braids. The Baby Albert sweater which has sat untouched for probably 6 weeks or more. The second Irish Hiking Mitt for me...

Self discipline is not a trait I have naturally, I guess that is evident. I'm trying to develop more of it. I've been lusting after yarn again....but denied the urge to buy. Mostly, I'm really happy I have resisted...I don't "need" to buy yarn right now. I barely made my rent this month and I have other bills piling up...due to the whopping $412.15 invested in repairing my van's brakes this weekend. They'd been bad for quite awhile...but know... the day I thought my mom died?....yeah, something really broke in there and the grinding/clanking wasn't 'just' when trying to brake but all the damn time. You know...the kind of noise where people's heads turn as you cruise to a grinding halt next to them at the stop light?...where your 17 yo says, "uh mom, can you drop me off here (a block away)...." ...where the gas attendant says stuff like "Did you know your brakes are making a lot of noise?"

Really? Thanks for the update there buddy. Couldn't hear it myself. Sheesh.

Any way...self discipline. Yeah, I'm working on it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No Knitting Here

No knitting happened yesterday or much the day before. Tonight, yes, there will be knitting to report. That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about knitting, drooling over yarn, fondling the stash and all those knitting related concepts, just didn't knit a stitch yesterday. Too busy...too tired....blah blah blah.

More 42 in 42:
29. Get a tattoo. I want a lotus in the small of my back with henna-like design branching off.
30. Harvest the lavender that grows in abundance in my yard and make lavender sachets...knitted of course.
31. Go white water rafting.

It's dreary as all get out here...rainy...gray...and dismal. Not normal. Central Oregon typically gets about the same amount of sunny days as San Diego, California. There may be snow...but we typically have sun. This overcast drizzle stuff just makes me want to hibernate. nap in the flannel sheets....Damn that sounds good.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm Sorry, But Your Mom Has Passed Away....Or Not....

You would not believe what Friday held for me.

Jodie came and took me for a burger at lunch time. I was surprised to see her walk back in my office barely an hour later. I could see the distress in her eyes. I asked, "what's the matter?" She took my hands in hers, and said "honey, I'm sorry, but we got a call on the answering machine...your mom has passed away."

I've shared some of my "stuff" with my mom but despite that and the fact we have been pretty much estranged for the last few years, of course I promptly fell apart.

Jodie drove me home. I cried and cried. She put me to bed and quietly went out to listen to the message again to see if she could get more details. She returned shortly with a look of horror and said, "uh Lisa....uh...your mom's name isn't Carol is it? Uh....I don't think it's your mom who has died."

It wasn't my mom, but my first dance instructor and mentor Carol. Her daughter had left a tear-filled message on the answering machine and indeed it had sounded like someone was saying "your mom has died", but in reality, she was sharing that HER mom had died.

While before I had been sobbing, now I couldn't stop laughing. Not that Carol was dead, by any means, but because of the absurdity of the whole thing. I had left work early, in tears because my mother had died. Jodie and Kayla had called into work, because my mother had died.

Uh...but my mother wasn't dead. Jodie called back to work in embarrassment and explained the situation, saying she would be in soon. I called in to work and explained, but said I was "done" for the day and no way was I coming back, which my coworkers were fine with.

Jodie headed for work...and her car died half way there. My car, of course, was still at my work, because Jodie had picked me know...cause my mom had died and she didn't want me driving. Jodie and Kayla pushed the car home several blocks, I got a friend to come get me and retrieve my car. Jodie made it to work only three hours late, only. This, the day after they had laid many people off due to slowness of business...and she is three hours late the next day. Yippee skippeee.

I settled down and opened my mail. To discover I have been summoned for Jury Duty.

Now I ask you, could I have had a worse day? oy vey.

Due to the confusion over who was dead, it didn't really sink in to me that Carol was gone until last night. She changed my life in many ways and I will miss her. Last night and today have been really teary.

Yes, I actually did knit during all of this. Only reason I'm still somewhat sane, I'm sure. I've gotten several more repeats of Branching Out done, and two more repeats on The Braids Cardigan. It takes me 15 minutes (if undistracted) to get through a row on The Braids. I'm probably close to 7 inches done of the 13 inches I need before starting the armholes. Trying not to be daunted by the amount of time that equals, just working on it when I can and trying to enjoy the process. I do love the wool, Paton's Classic...just love the feel and weight of it.

Here's to you brought me out of my shell, and gave me wings. Thank you.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday, Finally.....

More 42 in 42:
20. Knit myself a soft, warm, functional scarf. I have some frou-frou scarves...but not a "real" scarf.
21. Knit 12 dish cloths for my own kitchen (as opposed to giving them away which is what I always do..). The dish cloth KAL is definitely helping this goal.
22. Re-design my copper costume. The top is good...the hip belt needs to be completely redone and I need jewelry to match.
23. Construct new skirt & harem pants set for the copper costume.
24. Send 10 items to the Dulaan project this year.
25. Go bowling at least one time this year.
26. Go camping at least once this summer.
27. Go to the Oregon Coast at least once.
28. Go to Pride 2006 in Portland.

Today's knitting on the dish cloth will finish's a snowman, very cute. I'll try to take a pic. Yeah, yeah, I know I keep promising more pictures. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Over at Zeneedle, Margene is showing progress on Rosarie...and of course I'm drooling to do some fair isle. Got to thinking about the huge stash of Rowan I bought for an ill-fated fair isle vest that never came to fruition. Of course, let's was on size 1 needles for pities sake...and I am not a small woman. The yarn was expensive....and I have felt guilty everytime I've come across the yarn in my stash. So, after seeing Margene's Rosarie, I got to thinking...what can I do on a smaller scale? I'm thinking a bag, pillow...something. No hats. Just say no to fair isle hats is my thinking right now. I think I have 5 colors, something like that. I love these pillows...but I'm a little concerned it's too advanced for me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Harder Than I Thought

Okay, the 42 in 42 thing...waaay harder than I would have guessed. Here is where I am so far:

1. Learn Magic Loop method.
2. Finish the second sock on circ I have cast on using the Cat Bordhi book.
3. Choreograph a competition-worthy routine for troupe. (Status: 1/3 done)
4. Compete with troupe at Canyonville, Oregon Belly Dancer USA Bellydance Competition in June 2006.
5. Choreograph 3 full routines for myself. (Status: 1/9th done)
6. Perform solo at Halfa for Ayeesha Aroosh silk veil workshop April 2006.
7. Perform solo at Saqra's Showcase April 2006.
8. Perform solo at High Desert Bellydance Festival June 2006.
9. Go to 100 OA meetings (status: 2 down...98 to go).
10. Read the Chronicles of Narnia series.
11. Finish Ribby Cardi (status: Sleeves done, back needs to be ripped and re-knit, then fronts knit...and then ... you know...seaming it together and all....argh)
12. Finish The Braids Cardigan.
13. Knit my stash down by 50%.
14. Save enough money to go to Disneyland in fall 2006/early winter 2007.
16. Refelt the Oregon Tote bag that I knit 2 years ago, and didn't felt enough, but didn't know what was the matter with it until needs more felting!
17. Organize the mountain of craft supplies (or "craft shit" as Jodie so delicately puts it..) in my garage.
18. Go to Seattle to meet Ryan and TMK.
19. Go to one of the many ceramic shops in town where you can paint your own and they fire it.

Eh. Not exciting. A couple more rows on Branching Out, probably 50% or more done there. The next installment of the dishcloth done, check. No idea what the design in the middle is...they don't give you a picture or the whole pattern...just the daily rows. It is sort of liberating, really. Just do what you're told. Knit your rows.

Late Christmas Gift! My oldest, Mary, stopped by last night with a gift she had ordered for me. It hadn't arrived in time for's the book "Lavish Lace" by Carol Rasmussen Noble and Cheryl Potter. I've only got to skim it so far, but I'm loving the inspiration it gives me already.

So...I rarely post about TV. I don't watch a lot of TV...mainly because I'm always tired and can't manage to stay up and watch the shows that are on late....If Jodie is working I'd rather be knitting or dancing than watching TV...but I do have a couple shows I'm addicted to...namely The Closer and Cold Case. I also like....the Food Network. I watch Emeril (tho he puts too much stuff on his food for me...I prefer simpler fare but he entertains me nonetheless), Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee. I get a huge kick out of Unwrapped. I love that show! You know when you were a kid (ahem....those of you in my age group anyway) and programs like Mr Rogers (don't go off about him, I loved him...he was a gentle sweet man who showed me there were nice men in the world in a time when I wasn't so sure...) or sesame Street would show how stuff was made, like erasers or pencils or whatever??? I LOVED THOSE SEGMENTS! This is the same foods are made, history etc. Pretty cool.

So...what do YOU like to watch, my charming readers??

A Little Revision

In reviewing my 42 in 42 goals so far, I have come to realize that "getting control of my money" is too resolutionish. I need to be specific. So, that is being struck from the list for the time being. This is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, coming up with 42 things I want to accomplish in my 42nd year. Good thing I started three months early, eh?

Um, did I mention I joined a KAL? I know, I know...those who have been around awhile are saying..."Really now can't finish anything most of the time anyway and you KNOW KAL's have been the kiss of death for you...what WERE you thinking?" Well, this is much simpler, I promise. I joined the Monthly Dish Cloth KAL on Yahoo Groups. You knit two dishcloths a month. My goal is a simple one dish cloth a month. High tech knitting? No. Fun? Yes, I think so. You get 8-10 rows a day by far, day three, I'm keeping up. No promises, but I'm having fun and that's the point, isn't it?

The Branching Out Scarf continues...It's the only thing besides the dish cloth I've touched in the last few days.

Belly dance is heating up...which means knitting time is getting squeezed. I'm trying to keep some balance in there tho...and not just disappear from knitting (and blogging, ahem) while I dive into dance stuff. Right now, I am finishing choreography on a troupe piece for a competition in June, my daughter's beginner competition solo, a students intermediate competition solo, and I think one more beginner student is going to take the leap to competing...and that will mean one more routine. Not to mention, my own solo...needed by mid April.

Now, Life. I note that when some knit bloggers post...they tell all about their struggles, day in day out. Others hint at problems....and still others never say a thing about their personal struggles. I definitely fall into the first category....I'm an open book. Tho...ahem...I don't tell y'll everything....believe me.

So you ask, what about it? Are you going to cry all over us or what?

Nope. I'm not. Yes I will share that right now life is sorta sucky. Finances are at an all-time low and my pride is right there along with it. But ya know...mostly, I'm okay. I'm not stuffing my face over it. I'm not weeping at my desk. My mind isn't racing frantically trying to cover my options.

I'm okay. I'm not thrilled...but, I'm okay. You know what? That's a pretty cool place to find myself right now.