Friday, September 30, 2005

Skill Level: Adventurous

What does that mean to you? Adventurous? Well, I don't know what it meant to me...until I decided to embark on a new sweater. (Ribby Cardi? Uh, what about it? You trying to pick a fight here? Ribby will get her day in court..uh, I mean, Ribby will get finished...eventually. Rogue? Well, I finally made a decision, it is going to the frog pond. Not because I don't LOVE the pattern, but since I could only get guage on size 10's with Cascade 220...I really don't like the fabric it creates. Yes...I'm half done with it...but I don't LOVE it. So...a froggy we will go.)

Anyway...what was I talking about? Huh. Yet another mental pause moment...lots of those today considering this is day 19 in a row of work for me. True, I have had to only work as little as 3 hours a couple of those days...but 19 days without a whole day off...AND being sick for 5 of those days...well...the entire morning has been one loooong mental pause.... Oh yes, Skill level: Adventurous. I was digging around in the stash and came across this pattern, The Braids Cardigan from Cabin Fever. Thought, hey, you know, you HAVE to have enough yarn for this puppy in your stash somewhere...and low and behold, I dug up the Patons Classic Merino I had purchased for Must Have Cardi. Now....I DO intend to one day actually cast on for this .... ahem, really I do...really...especially since I ***blush*** joined the stupid KAL for it...damn it Norma....

Anyway, what were we talking about? Uh..oh! Must Have. The deal is, once I got the pattern in hand (I had the yarn before the pattern I think) I decided I wanted it in classic creamy Aran color rather than the dark teal I had purchased. So 10 skeins of the Patons in Dark Teal have been waiting patiently in the stash.

I gauge. I cast on...272 stitches. Now, I know this isn't a lot to many of you...but you are talking to a woman who hasn't knit much with a cast on of over 50 lately at all. Row 1...done. Struggled a little, cause the pattern is scrunched up in the way it's printed...kept losing my place...but got through it. Row 2...what's wrong? Why am I coming out with 2 stitches left???? Tinked know, 270 stitches. Did it again and low and behold...2 extra stitches. Got sorta crabby. Ahem. You know...sorta. The 17yo, Kayla, says..."why are you in such a bad mood?!?!?"

"I'm NOT in a bad MOOD!!!!" .......................oh. well, maybe I am.

I ended up ripping it out. Decided to cast on a larger needle for the first row anyway, cause I used a knitted cast on and the first time it was sorta tight. Thought, I'm gonna write this row out where I can see it....not all scrunched up. Bingo.

The designer of this pattern expects you to think. I know, what's that about? Ahem, Did I read all the way through the pattern before I cast on? Well no. What a stupid question that is. When the skill level is "Adventurous"....perhaps one should actually READ the pattern, whatcha think?

What I missed is an "extra" stitch on each "side" that she turns into what she calls "phoney seams" help the sweater which is knit in the round, hang a little better. By slowing down, writing the pattern row out...I could finally see what she was doing...and therefore what I should be doing.

Whew. I'm up to row 4. Let you know how this goes.

Pictures: I have lots. Got 'em developed yesterday. Put the disc in last night to load pics...and the stupid disc doesn't work. I said a few choice words. It goes back today with the negatives....and hopefully will be returned to me in working order. Then, I can show you the hat bonanza I was on last month...the process shots of my Norma's version of Sofie, and some other nice shots.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The title says it all. Nasty head cold that I can feel is trying to morph into bronchitis. I took the better part of two days off, but today, here I am at work. Our on-call person is on vacation this week...of course she is, what else would I expect? So I need to be here. Though if I continue down hill I'll be 0ut of here by noon. Dang. I need the hours too.

Eragon was lovely. I read it during the two part days I had Jodie and I are both lusting after the next book in the series, Eldest.

Knitting? Uh, not much. Started a pair of mittens...stash busting some woolease. Using the pattern from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns...I know. I know. There are usually TWO mittens. I'm trying to break myself of second-anything syndrome.

There was a very first Stitch N Bitch locally last night...and I was too sick to go. :(


Lastly, because the oddness of my relationship with the internet lies in the fact I don't let people I KNOW in on the fact that I blog, I will share with you something I'm not sharing with anyone else in 3D. I am exploring Overeater's Anonymous. Let you know how that goes. Since I have long joked that food is my drug of choice...well...maybe I should be dealing with it as the addiction it is. I'm thinking on it anyway. Ugh. I have to go take more sinus meds and act like I'm working now.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Book Vs Movie

I have been a voracious reader since I was in first grade. I often note those with ugly childhoods frequently turned to escapism through books.

I tend to prefer fantasy and mysteries to nonfiction...after all, I read to escape! Occassionally, I'll binge on self-help books....*blush*.....they are my secret trashy reading. I would rather be flayed ( or is that "filleted?" hee) than ever read a bodice ripper again. They nauseate me.

All this is leading up to what I'm reading currently: The Lord Of The Rings. Nope, never read it before. I read The Hobbit in high school and somewhere along the line I developed the idea I had also read LOTR. Now, more than half through it, I realize I most certainly never have read it before.

Am I naive in that I was shocked how different the book is from the movie? I keep turning to Jodie (a dyed in the wool LOTR addict) and saying "hey! they did this completely different in the movie!!" I love the movies...but I am enjoying the book immensely.

We are also reading (tho I have given it back over to Jodie while I finish LOTR) "Eragon". This is a young adult novel about a boy and his dragon and we are enjoying it very much. In fact, she needs to finish cause once I close LOTR....I want it!

Knitting? Mmmmm....almost done with The Boy's Tychus...hopefully this weekend. Not sure what after that....I still have tons of yarn in my stash and I need to work from it. I am having some yarn buying lust...but I'll continue to control myself a bit longer.

Question of the day: What are YOU reading??

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy 100th Post To Me!

Geez, it has taken me over a year...(well over a year, but let's not go into that) to get to 100 posts. What a slacker I am.

Over the weekend, I cast on for Tychus. Now, this is for a 9 yo boy. The examples were knit out of doubled Red Heart. I had no problem with acrylic, especially for the boy. I knit away on one "wedge" using double strand Lion Brand Pound O' Love, Denim Blue and White.

Can you say THICK? So thick it could be a helmet. He had originally wanted red and blue, but I didn't have enough acrylic to do it doubled. I did, however, have some stashed red with multicolored flecks that I eventually combined with a navy Lamb's Pride worsted and the hat is on it's third of five wedges. Gauge is a bit different, but we'll see how it works out. I will eventually finish the helmet Tychus for Dulaan.

Also finished the second Hayden hat. This one in Lamb's pride sage green, darker green (forest?) and light gray. Daughter loves it, wears it constantly. In fact, last night after her shower, she put it back on again to watch tv. I think she likes it. :)

Took pics, hopefully get them developed know...when I get paid again. Finally. Dang I hate being broke.

Started working on my weight again today. Back on the protein program, cut sugar....which means I have had no coffee this a.m. - cause you know, I can't drink it without a lot of crap in it. Sipping a diet coke just don't cut it. But I'm gaining weight again, and I can't stand it. Especially since I am dancing October 8 in a show here with my troupe and for a solo....Something has to happen.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cables And Shrugs And Lace, Oh My

NOTE: I have added the links to pics in the post from Tuesday, hence a "double post". Scrool down to see a pic of the ZigZag scarf....and a frightening rendition of yours truly. I look po'd...or sick....or something. Something not good. I didn't realize how vain I was until I saw that picture....damn getting older anyway.

Have you seen the new Knitty? I am frankly not always ecstatic over the designs in Knitty...they often just aren't "me." The last issue, focusing on men's knits, left me about as cold as possible, with the exception of the Tychus Hat, which I have down on the mile-long list of want to try projects.

When I got the notification this a.m. that the new fall Knitty was up I can honestly say I thought, oh. Big Deal. Then I looked....and said "OH!" Several of the designs really popped out at me. This cabled shrug especially "Blackberry"....the description calls it a cardigan, but it looks like a glorified shrug to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about it! Besides, a shrug I have hope of actually

This lace shawl "Ella"...yum. The colors in the model literally make me drool.

Best issue of Knitty to date, in my opinionated mind.

Bound off the Hayden hat for my daughter (scroll to bottom of page for pics). Hoping to get her to model for a pic...but she's 17 and know. Cast on for another Hayden in dark green, sage green and light gray for my son. This time, I am keeping track of the pattern a bit better ... I hope. I would like to try a 5-color Hayden as well, but decided I should make sure I could do one with three colors AND keep track of the pattern first...then try the five color version.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Please Join Me In A Moment Of Silence

For the Hanging Vines Scarf. She met her end in the frog pond over the weekend.

Friday, I noticed she just didn't look quite "right." Thinking drastic measures were called for, I tinked back 4 rows or so...and She seemed to be her old self for awhile...

Saturday, I held her up to the light, to admire her pretty pattern....and saw it. About three inches from the needles...her wasn't right. In fact, it was Really Not Right. We are talking probably two entire pattern repeats, translated into hours of knitting lost.

I held her gently....told her how beautiful she was....and ended both our misery. I have accepted that at this point in my life, Hanging Vines is just not to be. Perhaps....with school back in session as of fall commences and I perhaps have undistracted time in a quiet house...she could be reborn.

Frankly, I mostly felt resignation and a bit of relief at her frogging.

Then, I cast on for a Hayden....which is looking pretty fine. I've messed up a bit, but since it is a slip stich pattern, only I really know that. The recipient, my 17-year-old, thinks it is very cool. I won't burden her with the knowledge that I've messed up the pattern rows a bit. I'm in the shaping and that seems to be going well so far....

**Note: Below I mention Pictures. Yup. I have a couple. But the disc is at home. And I'm at work. So I just decided to publish anyway. So for my FIVE loyal blogline subscribers (hee that still makes my day! Five!) sorry for the double post when I eventually drag the disc in here later today and add the link for the pics**

We developed pictures over the weekend....and of course.....this roll only had a few knit pics on it. Sigh. Here, we see the ZigZag scarf. Noro Kuryeon, colorway 91. I bound off at 2 skeins...and realize it is too short. Annoyed, it has been stuffed. I WILL drag it back out again and add another skein so it is a real scarf instead of a neck warmer...argh.

Lastly, only because I feel guilty that I only have the one knit pic to show...Here is a pic of me, outside, knitting on the aforementioned ZigZag. Ugh. *The picture sucks. I don't want to show it to you. But since I only have the one other picture for now...I'm doing it solely out of guilt.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Relief

If you haven't already seen Margene's and Susan's Relief efforts, head on over. I will be donating a hank of Knit Picks Shimmer in the Stained Glass colorway for a prize as well as contributing to the Red Cross. Just do's the right thing to do.

Jodie is devastated...there are friends and family she still has no word on...The New Orleans she talked of taking me to visit is gone. The Gulf Coast is ravaged....thousands have lost everything and who knows how many lives have been lost.

If everyone gives just a could make an incredible difference. Don't let the news that MTV is donating $1 million, Disney $2.5 million etc make you think that we don't need to help. When you think of the toll this has taken on the entire region...I can't even imagine how many millions it would take to restore these peoples lives to some semblance of normalcy.

Knitting: Hanging Vines continues. I had to rip 4 rows back due to a dropped stitch...and no, I don't use lifelines. I was stressed (that is actually an understatement) and when I first noticed there might be a problem....I just kept on knitting...which was flat stupid. The price was ripping 4 rows back in hairy laceweight stitch by stitch. Thank God I'm only doing a scarf! I probably would have had a meltdown of gigantic proportions if it was any bigger....