Monday, October 18, 2004

Good Grief!

It's been 10 days since I posted?? Geez...what a slacker!

Been working on Faina...and I find her to be exasperating! Row 54 and I have gone round and round...sigh. I am starting the first repeat of the pattern, which of course starts with row 54...the row from hell in my limited experience. Keep coming up one stitch short...and it's driving me insane. I put it down and didn't touch it again this weekend because as Ryan said...I didn't want to deal with fussiness! I'll gear up on it again this week.

Meanwhile, I have been cranking out dishclothes for a bazaar, the proceeds of which will be donated to the local Community Center. I'm enjoying the mindlessness of whipping them out. Price? Geez...that one is so hard for me? So...anyone out there with an idea on price for dishclothes? Knit out of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, $3.99 a ball, get 3 out of each ball. They are about 5 x 5, bias knit with a little eyelet edging. Takes me 2 hours (with the one million interruptions that happen at my house) to knit it up. Again, this is not for me...whatever $$ comes out of them will go to the Community Center. That said, I want the darn things to sell, now wait for a philanthropist (? is that right...geez I need more coffee) who is willing to pay a lot just to support the Center. So, if you have any suggestions... I'd be grateful!

I hooked up with an old love over the weekend....

Ha, that sounds way more exciting than reality...the "old love" is polymer clay. My sweetie recognizes my need for this continuing love affair tho, so "it's all good," as my teens say.

Since I have been in emotional upheaval (perpetually it seems)...suddenly my creativity is flourishing and some way cool jewelry is now sitting on my kitchen table. Some of it I will keep, some I may sell at the bazaar (for me...probably with a donation of part of profit to the Community Center too...) and I am struggling with price there too. I have recognized I probably need to consult some friends I trust to look at it and go with their pricing.

My entire life, I have been unable to price my art reasonably. I always have felt it isn't worth I priced it to bottom price. This resulted in my selling it all...very quickly...but no $$...basically would break even. Or, worse it wouldn't sell because I priced it so low, people thought it wasn't worth anything. Ever done that? You later do that classic slap-to-the-forhead thing...

Self esteem. Spell it with me now, S-E-L-F E-S-T-E-E-M...... "I will ask a reasonable price for my artwork."

I so wish I could show you pics, because honestly, this is the best work I've ever done. Good enough for me to say to my art-wise friends, "okay, you price it and I won't say 'that's too much'."


Knitti-me said...

How I wish we could see your dish cloths and jewelry - and Faina as well. I'm especially interested in your jewelry.

I'm not even sure what polymer clay is - but if it's handmade and original, it should be up there with quality costume jewelry (which I love!). I wouldn't price anything under $15 dollars.

As far as dish cloths go: $6.00 each or two for $10.00?

That's my $0.02.

Bron said...

I'd really love to see a pic of your jewelry! I've seen some wonderful pieces done with polymer clay - pieces that I'd never believe were clay. :)

Good luck with Faina - I'm sure your exasperation will pay off with a lovely finished project.

Anonymous said...

Me, too! Me, too! Would love to see a pic of your work.