Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ah bin sig

Translates to "I've been sick." I still pretty much sound sick, but I feel a little better. Haven't been up to much knitting in the meantime tho. Being too sick to knit stinks, let me tell ya!

On a "I'm-cranky-cause-I'm-sick" note (gee, aren't you glad you tuned it?)....

I should not have done the SPIII. I knew it before I started, but I got sucked in. The person for whom I am SPIII-ing has apparently felt I have not been attentive enough. Yes, life has interfered and I have not done some of the things I wanted to do...but I also didn't realize I would be considered non-compliant for not checking in on a daily basis. Sigh. I feel like a flake and I really haven't meant to be or thought that I was for that matter.

My SPIII has been pretty quiet and I haven't gotten anything yet, but ya know what? It's okay! I know firsthand just how life will interrupt and I figure I'll get something sooner or later and if not, well...oh well.

I'm just saying, I should have followed my gut instinct and not participated. Sigh again.

End of unscheduled crankiness.

I did get a package in the mail last week....I had *ahem* forgot to tell Crafter's Choice I didn't want them to send me Ann Budd's new sweater book....Convenient, eh? I lusted after it in Barnes and Noble and there it was, snug in my mail box for me. I really love the format...where she gives basic dimensions and you can add all the nice touches you want or just have the basic design. I also love the idea that each pattern gives several gauges for different yarns. I really hate substituting yarn in patterns, mostly because I'm a coward and don't have enough confidence in my knitting skills to make my own decisions sometimes. Who am I kidding, that actually applies to my life....not having enough confidence do make my own decisions.

Now, lest we fall into a maudlin discussion of Lisa's character faults....I bid you a fond farewell from wet, rainy Central Oregon. It truly rarely rains much here. Just looking at the gray, windy outside makes me want to curl up with a good book, tea and cookies under a warm blanket.

So, is anyone reading anything good? I just finished this, which was pure brain candy and I am plowing through this....which is not. I like it, I just have to *think* when I read it.


Knitti-me said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry you've been "sig" - but you're on the mend - that's good.

We've been having some good "curl up with a good book" weather here too.

Boo Hiss on your SPIII who tattled on you! What exactly do they expect????!!!! And shame on your SPIII provider for not sending you anything yet (but you're not running to mama complaining)!

I did a really stupid thing last week. I was commenting on my SPIII's blog and got distracted when I clicked the post button. I had signed it, "Your Secret Pal," but had left my domain and email address! So she emails me and asks, "Are you my secret pal?" Of course I deny everything - I know nothing, nothing!

Sahara said...

You're a doll Marie...thank you.

I believe it was your blog that I commented that I "know" myself well enough that I shouldn't sign up for the SPs...I just got excited and...well, here we are.

You nailed it, actually...expectations. Everyone's are different and trying to please those we don't know at all is not for the faint of heart. :) I don't feel guilty, I sent one package that totaled almost $60 with shipping and have another little "gee this was fun" gift to send off in the next two or three days. Then it is over and I can just use this as a reminder of why I shouldn't be participating in these things!

:) L

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! Curled up on the couch sounds like just the way to do it...

Bron said...

Aw, Lisa - I'm sorry you've been sick & had to deal with SP nonsense on top of it. :( I'm not participating after SP3 is over because of the giving end of things & the wildly varying expectations of all involved. I revealed myself to mine on schedule and....nothing! No acknowledgement whatsoever. Sigh. I sent several packages that added up to WELL over $50 so hopefully that was enough.

Eh - I'm sticking to sending stuff to people I know. ;)

Hope you feel lots better really, really soon!