Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feeling Fidgety

Argh....antsy, fidgety....and just a wee bit of cranky.

I want to start the Must Have Cardi...but no yarn and no pattern yet. Granted, it's a bit soon for either to be here yet, but seeing the posts have me salivating.

Getting a bit bored with the sleeves of Ribby. At least I am finally flipping done with the good reason to lose weight: Smaller sizes.

I did cast on for a gaiter for the Dulaan Project. It's my "break/lunch" knitting. Cascase Quatro in Red, Pink...and yeah. Two other colors. I think. Admission: I had no clue what a gaiter was before the Project began. (If you don't know, I'll tell you: a tube to wear around your neck... or on your head if you so desire). Better than a scarf. I am exceedingly tired of scarves. They fit the bill for break knitting...but I am so uninspired I rarely finish them. I think I have knitter's ADHD as someone blogged about while back.

I suspect I can attribute part of my crankiness to Weight Watchers. Not the organization or even the program...just being on it. I'm at the end of my first week and the gloss of "I'm going to get healthy!! I'm going to lose weight!" has waned. Probably why they suggest you go to lots of I have time. I did lose 3 pounds this first week. woo hoo. Excited, aren't I? I think it's that crabby I-want-to-eat-whatever-the-hell-I-want-thank-you-very-much zone.

That would be the mentality that got me where I am today, I believe. grump grump grump.

On a brighter note, Marie is planning on meeting up with me when I am in Richmond (CA) for Rakkasah end of March. It will be the first time I've met a blog buddy in person. That cheers me right up, actually! (Now who's fickle, eh Norma?). Marie suggested we be photographed in our Ribby Cardis. Marie, dear, you suppose I'll finish the silly then. I am also having doubts the darn thing will fit at first, but perhaps by March 22....

Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers.....rah.....rah....grump.


Anonymous said...

You're not alone, Lisa. I didn't know what a gaiter was until I started this project either but, thanks to the Net, I found multitudinous definitions, pictures and patterns!

Thank you, punkin', for knitting for the project!


Gina said...

Ah yes, WW. Are you going in to the meetings or did you sign up for the online version? I did the online 2 years ago and dropped 25. I'm now trying to drop the 15 that crept back after I stopped.

Thank you for the Dulaan link - I've been thinking I needed to do some charity knitting and this fits the bill. It's also timely since I watched Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round show on Bravo and he highlighted the Mongolian children with Unicef. (mmm, Ewan McGregor)

Knitti-me said...

I haven't even started on Ribby yet. Hum, we have approximately 6 weeks... How much weight can be lost and how fast can a ribby cardi be knit, if a train left the station at 4:30 and sped along at 50 miles per hour... I always hated those mathematical word problems (smile).

Well, the Rakkasah festival is a good goal, I'll just keep plodding along like I always do and we'll see what develops.

Sahara said...

Ryan: Considering you are an incredibly well-read, intelligent woman, I don't feel so dumb for not knowing what a gaiter was before now! :) Also...can I send my finished Projects to you directly, or would it be better to send them to AZ?

Gina: WW on line. I do NOT have time for meetings, tho I have done it that way before. It's a sound program...I just wanna eat what I wanna eat! Must be the 6yo in me!

Marie: Thank goodness you are plodding..perhaps we could drape whatever portions of Ribby are done over ourselves in some artistic shot....:) Looking so forward to meeting you in person!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, it's better if you mail things directly to F.I.R.E. They are ready and waiting for boxes of goodies to arrive!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I knew something! I knew what a gaiter was. I guess you have to be from Vermont to know. Hee. Yeah, WW. I know what you're saying. Just out of curiosity, what's your blood type? I'm on this blood type diet (for almost 2 years now) and it's worked so well for me (and hubby too), with no real deprivation, except of course that I can't eat several of my most favorite foods ever again! (wheat, corn are the biggies for my blood type. it's HARD to live without wheat, until you get used to it -- then it's easy-peasy. Meat for my husband's. We just don't even think about it anymore.) just FYI, I always thought this diet was total hooey, until it literally changed my life. I'm not a prosyletizer; just sayin'. -- Norma