Thursday, February 10, 2005

Too Much Stash

I am embarrassed, actually, by the realization of exactly how much yarn I have crammed into the house.

Looking for sock yarn last night (yes, I AM about to get back on the sock mania thing, why do you ask?), I kept finding stuff.

"Hmm, forgot about that."

"Oh man...forgot about that!"

"Now when did I get THAT?"

When I finally escaped the now-yarn-strewn bedroom, I could feel myself blushing from sheer embarrassment at my addiction. Deciding something must be done...I made a pact with myself: No purchases of yarn of ANY kind unless something else is finished....ALL the way finished...not just cast aside. That little pact frees me up to start knitting more Dulaan Project stuff out of stash...then you know...I can, yeah..ahem..get more yarn.

Have you been over to Yarn Harlot yet today? Ed-u-cational. Not necessarily knitting educational....but educational none the less. Go...look at her links...get educated. I have been wandering around the office asking people, "Did you know they only freeze your head??"

The Sci-Fi freak in me is fascinated...

1 comment:

Donna said...

I feel your stash pain. I sold some off on eBay, but I'm beginning to think it's *breeding* in there.
Need to knit faster. ;)