Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The title says it all. Nasty head cold that I can feel is trying to morph into bronchitis. I took the better part of two days off, but today, here I am at work. Our on-call person is on vacation this week...of course she is, what else would I expect? So I need to be here. Though if I continue down hill I'll be 0ut of here by noon. Dang. I need the hours too.

Eragon was lovely. I read it during the two part days I had Jodie and I are both lusting after the next book in the series, Eldest.

Knitting? Uh, not much. Started a pair of mittens...stash busting some woolease. Using the pattern from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns...I know. I know. There are usually TWO mittens. I'm trying to break myself of second-anything syndrome.

There was a very first Stitch N Bitch locally last night...and I was too sick to go. :(


Lastly, because the oddness of my relationship with the internet lies in the fact I don't let people I KNOW in on the fact that I blog, I will share with you something I'm not sharing with anyone else in 3D. I am exploring Overeater's Anonymous. Let you know how that goes. Since I have long joked that food is my drug of choice...well...maybe I should be dealing with it as the addiction it is. I'm thinking on it anyway. Ugh. I have to go take more sinus meds and act like I'm working now.


Elaine said...

Firstly: Wahoo for you! Food can totaly be a drug. Just last night I "had to go to McDonald's" because it has been a stressfull week topped by a night of waiting for our election returns. It was like picking up a pack of ciggarettes (a vice I have managed to drop) after a meal - there was no thought involved, I simply had to go to McDonald's to ease the stress. Way to go - I can't wait to hear what you think of OA.
Secondly - I hope you feel better. Our whole support team is down with this bug (including me) and I'm the only one stupid enough to come in for part of a day - now I'm stuck for the duration.

Gina said...

Way to go, Lisa! Keep us updated on your plans so we can continue the virtual cheerleading.

I'm doing WW for the 3rd time in 4 years & I'm struggling through a plateau. It's getting too easy right now to justify not counting points and having what I want and not what I need. Hearing in the meetings that others struggle with the same issues and what they do to overcome has helped. Still haven't found a good alternative for exercise though!

purlewe said...

if it works for you it works for you.. but you'll never know until you try.

I've had some weight issues.. but for me it is all mental. it isn't that I weigh too much.. it is that I don't weigh enough to wear the clothes I like looking at. So I talked to myself after the last dr's visit. I might really be 15 lbs overweight.. but to television/magazine america I am like 30-40 lbs overweight. I need to know the difference so I can confront it realistically.

besides, with my SO out of a job, it isn't like I'm shopping for clothes right now. :P

margene said...

Friendships both vitual and real can get us through anything. We'll encourage all we can to help you reach a goal. Thanks Lisa!

Norma said...

You go, Hon. Somehow you were not showing up on my bloglines, so I have been rather absent as a visitor over here. But I've caught up now and congratulations on a number of things: getting back into the blogging, hitting your 100th post, looking into OEA (and what Margene said on that one! We'll be here encouraging you on, fer sure). And even knitting mittens! Okay, Lisa from Oregon, now we're back on track!

Elaine said...

Monday morning - feeling any better there? Hope all is well, sending thoughts of chicken soup.