Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cables And Shrugs And Lace, Oh My

NOTE: I have added the links to pics in the post from Tuesday, hence a "double post". Scrool down to see a pic of the ZigZag scarf....and a frightening rendition of yours truly. I look po'd...or sick....or something. Something not good. I didn't realize how vain I was until I saw that picture....damn getting older anyway.

Have you seen the new Knitty? I am frankly not always ecstatic over the designs in Knitty...they often just aren't "me." The last issue, focusing on men's knits, left me about as cold as possible, with the exception of the Tychus Hat, which I have down on the mile-long list of want to try projects.

When I got the notification this a.m. that the new fall Knitty was up I can honestly say I thought, oh. Big Deal. Then I looked....and said "OH!" Several of the designs really popped out at me. This cabled shrug especially "Blackberry"....the description calls it a cardigan, but it looks like a glorified shrug to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about it! Besides, a shrug I have hope of actually

This lace shawl "Ella"...yum. The colors in the model literally make me drool.

Best issue of Knitty to date, in my opinionated mind.

Bound off the Hayden hat for my daughter (scroll to bottom of page for pics). Hoping to get her to model for a pic...but she's 17 and know. Cast on for another Hayden in dark green, sage green and light gray for my son. This time, I am keeping track of the pattern a bit better ... I hope. I would like to try a 5-color Hayden as well, but decided I should make sure I could do one with three colors AND keep track of the pattern first...then try the five color version.


Shelley said...

I agree...I really liked this Knitty issue. So sorry to hear about Hanging Vines...Hope you will try again, it's beautiful.

Bron said...

Yep, yep - love this Knitty! I'm knitting "Blackberry" right now - I just couldn't wait. Although, of course, with a couple modifications! I'll be blogging about it tomorrow - I'm off to cable the sleeves....

Knitti-me said...

Hey Chickie - Your zigzag scarf is beautiful! I love it - where can I get the pattern? And I love that knitting pic of you. You've let your hair grow out!

I think I'm getting the Kepler fever, but I can't get my home printer to work (boo hoo!).

Robbyn said...

Ooooh! That yarn for your scarf is just gorgeous and absolutely perfect for that pattern!

And it's nice to "see" you! You may not like the picture - but you look nice - happy and comfortable :) THese are good things!

Elaine said...

I love the scarf, and I often look like you when I'm knitting and some pesky person wants to interrupt and take my picture!

I really dig the new knitty, did somebody say redemption?