Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Please Join Me In A Moment Of Silence

For the Hanging Vines Scarf. She met her end in the frog pond over the weekend.

Friday, I noticed she just didn't look quite "right." Thinking drastic measures were called for, I tinked back 4 rows or so...and She seemed to be her old self for awhile...

Saturday, I held her up to the light, to admire her pretty pattern....and saw it. About three inches from the needles...her pattern...well....it wasn't right. In fact, it was Really Not Right. We are talking probably two entire pattern repeats, translated into hours of knitting lost.

I held her gently....told her how beautiful she was....and ended both our misery. I have accepted that at this point in my life, Hanging Vines is just not to be. Perhaps....with school back in session as of today...as fall commences and I perhaps have undistracted time in a quiet house...she could be reborn.

Frankly, I mostly felt resignation and a bit of relief at her frogging.

Then, I cast on for a Hayden....which is looking pretty fine. I've messed up a bit, but since it is a slip stich pattern, only I really know that. The recipient, my 17-year-old, thinks it is very cool. I won't burden her with the knowledge that I've messed up the pattern rows a bit. I'm in the shaping and that seems to be going well so far....

**Note: Below I mention Pictures. Yup. I have a couple. But the disc is at home. And I'm at work. So I just decided to publish anyway. So for my FIVE loyal blogline subscribers (hee that still makes my day! Five!) sorry for the double post when I eventually drag the disc in here later today and add the link for the pics**

We developed pictures over the weekend....and of course.....this roll only had a few knit pics on it. Sigh. Here, we see the ZigZag scarf. Noro Kuryeon, colorway 91. I bound off at 2 skeins...and realize it is too short. Annoyed, it has been stuffed. I WILL drag it back out again and add another skein so it is a real scarf instead of a neck warmer...argh.

Lastly, only because I feel guilty that I only have the one knit pic to show...Here is a pic of me, outside, knitting on the aforementioned ZigZag. Ugh. *The picture sucks. I don't want to show it to you. But since I only have the one other picture for now...I'm doing it solely out of guilt.


purlewe said...

sometimes it is best if you just do the deed and rip. I see that it worked for you. I rarely don't need to rip. There is always *something* that makes me have to just refresh the page so to speak. I'm sorry about the scarf though. I look forward to seeing it next time.

margene said...

A good knitter knows when the frog pond is her best friend;-)
RIP Hanging Vines.

Shannon said...

Hmmm... my bloglines feed page says you have 9 subscribers.

RIP Hanging Vines, we hardly knew you.