Tuesday, October 04, 2005

But They Don't Make This Anymore!!

Last night, Jodie and I wandered around Tuesday Morning killing a bit of time.

To be honest....ahem...we needed to kill some time, and as we passed Tuesday Morning, I recalled someone (Norma maybe?) saying they had made a killing on Cotton Ease at their local store.

Oh so casually...I said, "hey, let's stop and look there."

Lo and behold, what should reside in the far back corner? The craft section (which didn't even exist the last time I was in there)....with some Cotton Ease. Three skeins for $5.99. Not a lot...and the only color I was interested in was a light blue.

Jodie caught me looking....gave me one of those "like you could possibly knit all the yarn you have NOW" looks...and I said ...

"But, they don't make this any more! You can't get this, it's discontinued...."

She rolled her eyes....and three bags of three came home with me. :) Now, of course, I am thinking I really SHOULD have gotten the last one too...making it 12 skeins and about 2400 yards....and at lunch...well...you just might catch me there.


Bron said...

Honey - any excuse for Cotton Ease is a good excuse!

Ryan said...

A belated comment to say how GREAT it was to see a photo of you and your sweet patootie! (I see you're not going to be silly like me and hide your sweet patootie's face.)

Hi, Jodie! Welcome to the Northwest, and welcome to blogland!! You treat our Lisa nice, now, or we'll have to come down from Seattle and...well, have coffee and tea and cookies and sit around and chat and knit. :-)

Elaine said...

But you NEEDED the Cotton Ease. Yarn is outside of the practical, yarn is something that you need to have live with you - even if it doesn't have a final purpose yet. All will be revealed - trust in the power of fiber!