Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sahara Dances

After some prodding by lovely readers, I offer you a few pics of last weekend's belly dance event...produced by my dance troupe, Sahara's Dream...

Me announcing...Wish I could remember what I was saying here...Hmmm.

Our guest workshop instructor in performance, Mezdulene. She is balancing two swords at one time on her head in this shot, you can clearly see across, and the handle of the second sword crossing the other direction just above her forhead. Talented, gracious, very kind woman.

My troupe, Sahara's Dream, with three members and one guest dancer, in our opening performance. Another shot here.

Our closing routine, Walla Mara here and here.

Knitting? Well, I completed one row on The Braids Cardigan this week so far. That tells you how much knitting time I've had. We had a computer upgrade at work....which went live Monday. Anyone who has done this before, well, you know exactly how well it went.

Gearing up to make another baby sweater tho...leaning toward Trellis.


Elaine said...

All I can say is "Bring on the dancing girls"!

Robbyn said...

Oh - wonderful pictures of your troupe! I would so love to see you all perform someday :)

Trellis is wonderful - very cool little sweater!

Knitti-me said...

Woo Hoo! Love it! So glad you shared pics of you and your troup. Love the costumes - sure wish I was brave enough to go out in one of them.