Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not A Lot Of Knitting

Life is a little hectic right in

I have completed the seemingly neverending strip for the bottom of the Baby Albert Coat, basically 200 rows of garter stitch. Seems like it should have gone a lot faster than it almost done with the first front...Using Lorna's Laces Ice House...Ugly pics taken with webcam to be posted in a day or so. It is not the easiest way to do pics...the webcam. Equally ugly pics of progress on The Braids cardigan...tho the yarn is dark and I don't know if any detail actually comes through. argh.

One of the things that is taking up my time is OA. You know, when you have handled every pain, crisis, and celebration with food your entire life...when you stop have to deal with FEELINGS.

I have consistently brought alcoholic/addicts into my life, until Jodie. I can honestly say I have a completely different perspective on their motivations and struggles.

OA is not a "diet". I have only shared with a select few people in my "real world" that I am working this program. One of them asked me, "So, how's your new diet going...lost any weight?"

No not really. But I have gained a tremendous insight to myself in the last 6 weeks. I am painfully aware this is not a quick fix. I'd like a quick fix, you know..."Step one, check. Step two, check....step twelve, check. Okay. I'm done now."

It's not going to work that way.

I don't know how to face the day-to-day crap that comes along without eating to soothe myself. Noticed when I stopped eating to soothe...I wanted to start shopping. Replace one complusion with another, aye?

Knitting is helping me. It is medatative and soothes me. I suspect I could (and have) knit compulsively as well. This however doesn't endanger my health or relationships....well...not much. ;-P

One thing that stands out clearly in my mind....If I could redirect the energy I have put into compulsive overeating and trying NOT to compulsively overeat...say into knitting...I could clothe an entire family in hand knits.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sahara Dances

After some prodding by lovely readers, I offer you a few pics of last weekend's belly dance event...produced by my dance troupe, Sahara's Dream...

Me announcing...Wish I could remember what I was saying here...Hmmm.

Our guest workshop instructor in performance, Mezdulene. She is balancing two swords at one time on her head in this shot, you can clearly see across, and the handle of the second sword crossing the other direction just above her forhead. Talented, gracious, very kind woman.

My troupe, Sahara's Dream, with three members and one guest dancer, in our opening performance. Another shot here.

Our closing routine, Walla Mara here and here.

Knitting? Well, I completed one row on The Braids Cardigan this week so far. That tells you how much knitting time I've had. We had a computer upgrade at work....which went live Monday. Anyone who has done this before, well, you know exactly how well it went.

Gearing up to make another baby sweater tho...leaning toward Trellis.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

But They Don't Make This Anymore!!

Last night, Jodie and I wandered around Tuesday Morning killing a bit of time.

To be honest....ahem...we needed to kill some time, and as we passed Tuesday Morning, I recalled someone (Norma maybe?) saying they had made a killing on Cotton Ease at their local store.

Oh so casually...I said, "hey, let's stop and look there."

Lo and behold, what should reside in the far back corner? The craft section (which didn't even exist the last time I was in there)....with some Cotton Ease. Three skeins for $5.99. Not a lot...and the only color I was interested in was a light blue.

Jodie caught me looking....gave me one of those "like you could possibly knit all the yarn you have NOW" looks...and I said ...

"But, they don't make this any more! You can't get this, it's discontinued...."

She rolled her eyes....and three bags of three came home with me. :) Now, of course, I am thinking I really SHOULD have gotten the last one too...making it 12 skeins and about 2400 yards....and at just might catch me there.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Plethora of Pictures

In no particular order....we have:

My Cascade 220 Sofie (Norma's version) Prefelted...see the Altoids tin for size comparison.

Same bag, felted. This has bamboo handles...but I need to get rivit rings or whatever the dickens they're called to attach the handles to the bag...

Kayla's Hayden hat...Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted

Michelle's Hayden... Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted

Michaels Tychus - Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride and something I don't remember....

And a pic of me and my sweet patootie....

Now...I just need to figure out what camera has the Baby Surprise Jacket and Branching Out along with who knows what else...

Up to about 1.5-2 inches on The Braids that I have read the directions...I'm having a ball. :)
I know, not a plethora to a lot of people, but here at Sahara knits.... it is. Have a great day!