Thursday, November 04, 2004

"George W. Bush Is A Moron And You Know It"

So said a bumper sticker I saw last night...and now lust after with every fiber of my being.

I keep wondering how this could have happened.


FOs and hats...I actually have finished a couple of things...yes, I do know how frightening that is, actually.

Finished the baby seed stitch hat from Mindful Knitting...out of Blue Sky Organic Cotton which is Yummy by the way.

Finished a grown up hat for Drama Queen #2, the 16yo girl, out of Cascase Quatro in this Ann Norling pattern.

And actually, (now Ryan don't get too excited), pulled out the remaining sock to be knit that I started in June. Had to rip it back quite a bit cause I couldn't figure out where the hell I was....

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Anonymous said...

Love that bumper sticker. My daughter was so proud that her boyfriend's away message today was: "As an involuntary member of Bushistan, I am currently being disowned by my parents and working with others to draft Articles of Secession for the Republic of the North East. Not in my name and with my money. If you're not pissed, then you don't know the facts." This is (I mean WAS) a Republican boy, until he started hanging out with our daughter! Now I need to get back to my fucking work. I've been really BAD in that department lately. -- Norma