Monday, November 08, 2004


First, a big hug and a heartfelt "thank you" to Marie of Knitti-me! On Friday, I received a lovely pumpkin-colored organza bag with four of the coolest stitch markers. What a lovely, thoughtful little surprise. You blog women are awesome! condense a long, convoluted story:

My partner and I of four years are separating. I believe this is exactly what needs to happen for both of us...I have no idea if it's for a month or a year or forever. Lot's o' feelings going on over put it mildly. A lovely, kind woman who is my very best friend.

Knitting content:
Started the "Shedir" cabled chemo cap from the Knitty surprise bonus or whatever the hell they call it. Using Blue Sky Alpaca in a yummy oatmeal color. Bron, you won't believe it...but I am actually knitting from a chart! Yup...miracles never cease. However, like Faina....I need to be ALONE to knit it!

Speaking of Faina...her solitary confinement is almost over. I believe she has learned her lesson and that row 54 will be much more cooperative when I pick her up again. Sometimes, you just have to give your knitting a little discipline.


Anonymous said...

Good luck kiddo. Separations, amicable or hostile, temporary or permanent, are always difficult. Try to stay balanced :)

The Yarnpath

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, dear. No matter how good it is to separate, and how necessary, it's still so hard. Thinking of you.

Bron said...

Hugs from NM as you go through this next big life change. I'm so glad the separation is amicable but I know how hard it will be. Chin up - your blog buddies are thinking of you!