Monday, November 22, 2004

I Feel

Ala James Brown....I feel good! It's Monday, a new is good. Not perfect, but good.

I have to take care of a big THANK YOU to Ms Bron!

The last few weeks....when I did NOT feel good...lovely blog friends came through for me in a way that touched me so deeply! First, Marie of Knitti-Me sent me the coolest stitch markers! Then, a Surprise from Bron!

I got the slip indicating I had a package. When retrieved, it was discovered it was a package from New Mexico...from Bron! It contained a heavenly bag of potporri...some rose-scented hand balm, and a bag knit by Bron herself! I was so pleased, I can not express myself adequately!

Life went cra-zee immediately after and I realized this weekend that I hadn't said a proper "thank you" to Bron, so Bron dear, Thank You! Your kindness just touched me deeply. Thank you for being my cyber buddy!!

And, as if I haven't been spoiled enough, my SPIII pal came through in a BIG way! Wowza! I got (and I hope I remember everything!)
  • A dozen way-cool German chocolate eggs...they are hollow and have toys inside! My kids thought they had died and gone to heaven!
  • A Christmas tin that is also a music box...filled with tasty German cookie/cakey kinda treats....mmmmmm.
  • A package of different flavored mini chocolate bars...praline, marzipan....those are MINE! I share with NO ONE!
  • Two gorgeous skeins of Regia sock blues and browns and one mixed blues...made my heart race, I tell ya what!
  • Some of the softest Lana Grossa meriono wool I have ever touched in a silver/smokey blue and darker blue...I haven't decided what it will become, but it will be for ME! I'm being, me, me!!!!
  • A pair of bamboo knitting needles, yay bamboo!
  • Really cute stitch Christmas markers she made for me herself, crafty thing!
  • A tiny soapstone (?) container with lid...I actually love miniature boxes and have collected a few so this fit right in!
  • A set of Christmas Angel ornaments...Thank you for adding to my new collection!
  • The Vogue Quick Reference book, if that can't bail me out of the knitting predicaments I get into, I don't know what can!
  • Weekend this is sort of a funny thing! You see, I bought WK when it first came out. Then, in a fit of cleaning (I know, miracle but it does happen) I decided I would never knit anything out of there and that I would take it to Powell's and trade it in. No sooner did I do it, than I swear I was seeing all sorts of things people knit out of it and wishing I hadn't traded it! But...I had bought it once and damn it, I refused to buy it again! Now...I have it again! Now if that isn't amazing I don't know what is! Thank you SPIII.!!!!
  • Lastly, she even put in a goodie for Emily, the Knit Knack (? I think that's right) set. Now, in view of all that has happened, she may wonder what I would do with it...and that leads me to News of My Personal Life...

Emily and I are working on having an Alternative Arrangement. I capitalize this because it is a Big Deal to me.

I was raised in a family that dictated that you got married, stayed married 60 years, and if you made a bad choice....well...too bad for you. You made your bed, you lay on it. I have consistently tried to fit "traditional" ways of being into my life, whether they fit or not.

I have realized that Emily and I just can not live together, at least right now. I love her...she is my best friend and so much more. She loves me, and we are willing to try to "think outside the box" of when you are in relationship, you obviously live together. So...we are working on seeing what it feels like to be together, without living together.

So, Emily got her kit and was very touched and sends her thanks!

That's all f-f-folks...for today. Y'all rock...thanks for being my friends.

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Bron said...

:::blush::: I'm just glad I could help cheer you up a bit. :) Remember - stuff the bag full of knitting- you'll be surprised at how much it'll hold (and only dpns will fall through!)

"Wow" is right about your SP - what a great package she sent!

Best of luck with your alternative living arrangements. Whatever works for you & makes you happy should be your goal. After all, love is rare - definitely do whatever it takes to keep it going!