Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Break….Psychotic Break…..

The title is fully understandable to all who have children at home. We are half way through the Christmas Break. The children have been together wayyyy too much. Christmas is over…new toys have lost their gloss…there is now "nothing to do." Except, of course, bicker. Unendingly bicker. Oh yes, and turn the house upside down and inside out in between bouts of bickering. My house looks like it vomited violently all over itself.
Charming picture, eh?
I was positively relieved to come to work this a.m. That says quite a lot as well.
I am in the repeat section of the body of Rogue…there have been a few mishaps, but all operator error mishaps, and I am still completely thrilled with the pattern and the resulting sweater. I haven’t ripped it, though some may think I should. The cable patterns don’t exactly…er, match. Somewhere along the line, I got off by one row, on one side. Oh well. I doubt anyone will be looking at both sides of me at once!
Hope everyone had a wondrous holiday….and that we all survive until the demons, er…sweet cherubs, make it back to school.


Knitti-me said...

Barfing Homes - sounds like something out of Harry Potter. We have one too! If I hear, "I'm so bored," one more time, someone may have to call CPS!

I would die for an enforced two weeks off! Think of how many closets would get reorganized - the carpets cleaned the piles of mail sorted. It's kind of sad when we dream about accomplishing the aforementioned.

Bron said...

And it doesn't matter how many children you have - my two wreck havoc just as efficiently as an army.

If I hear "There's nothing to do" one more time.....