Thursday, December 30, 2004


It's Friday for me....and am I glad! Three days off will be soooo wonderful.

Rogue is at row 45...which is deceptive because you repeat rows 33-38 FIVE times for my size! I continue to be thrilled with this sweater...and dare I say, I might actually finish the damn thing! Wow....that would be sumpin' wouldn't it?? By the way I was going to show you the color...but the label does not match what's on the web at Cascade and I don't see anything that really matches it! The label says Color 9460, and on the web 9461 looks close....but with sort of a soft yellow and gray heather strand/flecks. I love it!

I am lusting after a Ribby Cardi from Chicknits. I have no intention WHATSOEVER of joining the knit-a-long as, much like Norma, this seems to be the kiss of death for a project for me. Shapley Tank is a prime example..... So....I am going to see if the largest size Ribby will actually *fit* me and go from there.

Thought I might start a 100 things list....after all, everyone seems to be doing why not?

1. I live in Bend, Oregon. Bend was a logging/mill town until the timber industry died here. It survived due to it's proximity to Mt. Bachelor, great lakes, and other outdoorsy-type opportunities. It is a Brewery Town now too, boasting five brew pubs which is a lot considering it's size!

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