Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Beat Goes On....

I don't know that I have much to post about...but I'll try anyway.

Knitting: Very little knitting has been done here in Saharaland....A bit on the second Lagoon sock and a bit on the mohair feather and fan scarf. I am working more hours which translates into more money, but less energy and free time.

Weight loss program: I am fasting this a.m. for a blood draw at 8 a.m. I will have an EKG later today or tomorrow. Less than one week to go before The Program. I am alternating between excitement and abject fear of failure.

Finally getting has been almost 2 weeks since I came down with the flu or whatever it was. I am still tired a lot, but finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bellydance: Those who are going to Rakkasah are pretty excited...I guess I could compare it thusly, Rakkasah is to belly dancers as Rhinebeck is to knitters. Plus, I get to meet fellow knit blogger Marie of Knitti-me - That is a huge treat! Other than Rakkasah, I'm working on choreography for a troupe routine and starting to finally work on a routine for myself to perform the end of April at Saqra's Showcase in the Portland area next month. I haven't danced a solo in a long time....I'm a little nervous to tell the truth.

I have a package waiting for me...pretty sure it's my Over The Rainbow sock yarn I got as a birthday present for me! Wheeee.


Bron said...

I'm happy to hear you're feeling better - this has been an awful winter for sickness!

When thoughts of failure come into your head, push them right out again! I know it's hard to do but just tell yourself that this will be the program that will let you succeed. Mind over matter - you can do this!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the reminder about Saqra's showcase! I missed it last year, and I haven't been to class for about 6 months so I totally forgot about it. I actually have that weekend open, so far, so maybe I'll see you there... I'm rather jealous of you going to Rakkasah!

Good luck with the weightloss program - I'm sure you'll do great with it. And I agree with Bron - If you just keep telling yourself that you can and will do it (and ARE doing it) this time, it will happen.

Sahara said...

Thanks Bron...I appreciate the support! It's amazing that some folks are not all that supportive....interesting, eh?

Shannon, it would be too fun to meet you at Saqra's! Do let me know if you decide to go...and girl, what is your blog address????