Tuesday, March 01, 2005

People Are Weird

I have been watching with great interest stash pics and de-stashing efforts around the web. I even got some great loot myself...Norma sent me some awesome baby yarn in eggplant, lime green and some multi baby cotton...all for $30! In fact, I feel sorta guilty 'bout it cause the shipping was over $10...

The one thing I have noticed happening a lot more than I would have guessed is offers of what I consider less-than-fair trade. I have read posts reading not far from "hey, I have 37 balls of acrylic yarn...wanna trade for that awesome Rowan?" or "I have some kind of wool without labels that was in my Aunt Marianne's estate sale...wanna trade for that awesome Colinette you've got??"

C'mon ladies....you are embarrassing me.

By the way, I'm home sick as a dawg...so if I sound a bit cranky...I am.

The Over The Rainbow Lagoon Socks in the Columbine pattern from Socks Soar progresses well...turned the heel and finished the gussets. Working on the foot. Cat Bordi writes in a style that makes me feel like I am doing the simplest and BEST knitting of my life. I plan on purchasing (after I get into the new house and have $ again...) her other "Magical Knitting" books....sight unseen. Yup...that good, to me anyway.

Lastly, I have been horridly lacking in linking, updating my list of who I read on the side etc. I'm sorry, life has just been busy. I will link to one blog I read every single day....because she always makes me think about my knitting. This is a good thing. I leave you with a link to Cassie, of Too Much Wool.

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Knitti-me said...

Given my state of mind right now, I'm relieved we aren't up for a partay. A quiet stitch and bitch is were I'm at.

Oh, by the way, I've got some real pretty Red Heart - wanna trade?