Thursday, March 03, 2005

So tell me, where did I go wrong??

Who wants to tell me what I did wrong?? I finished my Columbine out the clearest kitchener instructions I could find at home (Knitter's Book Of Patterns) and dutifully followed the instructions oh so carefully to graft.

It looks like a know, like the **inside** of a seam is supposed to look like. If I turn the sock inside out, it is a lovely graft....but on the outside it looks like a seam??

Am I a dimwhit? I last kitchenered (is that a real word?) about a year ago and while it wasn't perfect, it didn't look like a seam on the wrong side.

Am i taking it out? no. I have no idea how to do it without losing the stitches and it isn't worth it to me. The sock is for me...I just hope to make the mate with the seam on the inside!

Truthfully, I am sort of disappointed. I really like the sock...perhaps trying to do this at almost 10 pm after being sick for a week wasn't my best choice...... argh.

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Donna said...

Okies, I am a kitchener moron, so I can't tell you where you went wrong. I just cannot comprehend Kitchener, I don't know why. So, this site
has a video of a lady doing kitchener. So anytime I need to do kitchener, I put that video on and do it along with the lady - and I still can't do it without the video!
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