Thursday, March 03, 2005

Think I'm Gonna Make It After All....

Anyone else with fond memories of The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Rhoda?

Sigh...I so wanted to **be** them... Now I am quite pleased I'm not, thank you very much. But they were **it**, you know?

Then, there was "Flo" ..... "kiss my grits!"

Welcome Back Kotter...Good Times....

I think my bout with the flu left me nostalgic, aye?

Knitting: Started decreases for the toe...minor annoyance at my own bumbling. Getting the stitches rearranged on the two needles did not go smoothly. There are no clues as to **how** you do this...assumption is made that the reader will know. Now, lest you think I am a complete simpleton...well, I'm not. You'll just have to trust me on that. It got accomplished. It just wasn't pretty. Perhaps the fact I've been ill, off work for four days, trapped in the house with ill children affected me.

Perhaps? ha.. Anyway, it's going along well now.

Longing to order yarn. However, I am also longing to move my butt outta this trailer park as well. Then again, it is my birthday next week. I could get myself a present, don't you think? I think some Over The Rainbow could be in order...

The Diet begins in 13 days....Went for the physical, discussion of health issues (strong immediate family history of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease). Found that despite my weight, I am still relatively healthy. This is a very good thing for the obvious reasons, but it also means I will not be "high risk" in the program. That equals about $120 a month savings on the medical supervision part. This makes me verrrrrrrrrry happy indeed.

I have had folks say "gee, Lisa...better eat what you want now!!" but you know, I haven't had the heart for it. All I can think is, "gee yeah, so I can put a few more nails in my coffin..." Smacks of the alcoholic going for one last binge the night before going into treatment. Not, to my thinking, the best of methods in the search for success.

The house has gone to complete hell since I've been sick. Not, mind you, that it wasn't a disaster before hand. glad I'm feeling better...

Your link for the day goes here, to the most wonderful socks I've seen, quite possibly ever.

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