Monday, August 23, 2004

More Booty Than Necessary, Thank You…

This weekend, I settled down with some knitting and watched the Olympics. I noticed one event where the stands were not half empty:

Beach volleyball…USA versus Checkoslavakia to be precise. Have a guess as to why this was so? I do…..

Now, I have never been a sporty gal. I envy women who are athletic and good at games. Therefore, I enjoyed the match…except for one thing…

Too much boo-tay.

The Americans were a great team…agile, quick…but I saw way more of their heinies than planned or desired. What is up with that? Why was it necessary to wear bikini-esque bottoms that did not cover their rears? Added to the lack of coverage, they spent an amazing amount of time waiting….bent at the waist….with aforementioned heinies captured on camera for the world to analyze.

Now, I am not a prude. Furthermore, I happen appreciate a beautiful woman’s……assets.

However, there is a time and a place and personally, I don’t think their clothing was appropriate.
Knitting Content:
Yarn snobs will be horrified, I’m sure, but I love a sale…and 40% off clearance, well, that’s my idea of a sale! Fred Meyer’s had Lion Brand Woolease on clearance for $1.77…then an extra 40% off that! So, I picked up enough for ponchos for DQ#1 and DQ#2. $20 for both…and they can be machine washed and dried. Is that a deal or what?


Knitti-me said...

That is so funny re the bootay thing. We were watching a match too and my husband said something like, "those shorts aren't very attractive. Look at them, they're always adjusting them." And that's from a man!

Bron said...

Yeah - I'm with you. I didn't get the whole "bikinis in the Olympics" thing. Would it have killed them to wear actual shorts? Sheesh.

Cool score on the Wool-Ease...I love a sale. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that whole beach volleyball thing. Give me a BREAK! And it's obvious that it takes more than being a great volleyball player for this sport -- they obviously have to auditions their....assets, as you put it! And Lion Brand's a good thing. Yarn snob or not, especially at that price! Sally Melville has an oversized unisex cardigan pattern in her Purl Stitch book that uses that, saying it's economical enough for a college kid to use, etc. I think it's cool. (Norma)

Anonymous said...

Haaar. The aussie beach volleyball women's costumes were even briefer than America's. Interestingly I don't think the men's costumes were anywhere near as brief! Hmmmm. I don't think yarn snobbery comes into it when the word "sale" is involved :) , I mean even has "sales" ;) Nicole (one of these days I'll set up a username and password for blogger).

Anonymous said...

Too funny. It was the only part of the Olympics I saw -- and I gotta say, they were pretty naked. That's a lot of sand going places, too..... Weird.