Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Poncho mania

Yes, I have it. Poncho Frenzy.... Obsession...."Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated..."

Much has been written about how short-lived this recent craze will be...But I find I just don't care. I want one...and I've finally found the pattern that makes my heart beat fast...it's here.

I found it on this blog...where on the sidebar there is a veritable plethora of free poncho patterns!

I think I have enough of a lovely alpaca/wool mix in a lovely shade of dark mossy green for the Aran Poncho. Somewhat hard to tell as the label is, I believe, written in Turkish and my foreign language skills end at "Hasta!" I have 10 50 gram skeins in what appears to be DK weight...Enough, I think...any thoughts? I could always put a different colored fringe if I had to....

Also picked this pattern up at Gossamer awhile back, it's the woman's poncho at the bottom. Jasper knit it, but added her own Jasper-style to it using an intarsia pattern similar to Kaffe Fassett's Persian Poppies. It is to die for! Mine will be in gray with black stripes for DQ#1, Mary. I plan on making it from Imperial Stock Ranch yarn.


Knitti-me said...

It's Poncho-rific Baabee! I saw that "back to school" poncho pattern and really liked it too.

Bron said...

Very cabley! I like it! The poncho-bug bites again.


Norma said...

What!? (she screeches) You started a blog and didn't tell me?! Harumph! Very cool, (she says grudgingly) ;-) (this is Norma, in case this silly thing doesn't show it....)

Anonymous said...

OMG! There you are! You have a blog!
That's so cool. Yay!