Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life Is Messy...

Yeah....I'm here. Life has been a little messy the last few weeks. To compensate, I have been quietly hibernating.

SPIII asked if I like knitting books....ahem....that would be affirmative! I LOVE knitting books. Don't always actually *make* anything out of them, but they inspire me.

Have you been over to the Harlot's lately? This women is so funny...I check in on her site daily and I'm never disappointed. Her knitting rocks as well!! Go on over. I'll wait.

I am gearing up for a new project...."What?!?!" you say..." What about all the projects you already have going??"

Yeah. What about 'em?

Ms. Ryan over at Mossy Cottage Knits invited me to a 'Faina Together'. I've been lusting after Faina for over a year and now I'm almost ready to go. Planning on this yarn..(shade 024) yummy, eh? By the way...if you've missed out on Mizz Ryan's Commune have to go read them, really. The comments as well....all of them! I'm too lazy to wait for you on that one...there's a lot of material.

Have a lovely day...don't ask me about pictures, I'm working on it and not getting anywhere!


Knitti-me said...

Faina is stunning. I saw this pattern at the LYS, but left it on the shelf. Hummm, go back and get it?...

I'm right there with you on the hybernation thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I do LOVE that Silky Wool, AND the color you've chosen. I've been eyeing (and feeling up) that stuff for quite a while now. --(Now Norma)

Anonymous said...

Faboo yarn you've picked, Lisa! Makes me want to rip out my Faina and start again with some o' dat...but I'm not gonna. (Marie, I say go back and get the pattern, definitely. It requires concentration but isn't really hard.)

Glad to have you back, Lisa! Was getting ready to add your blog on my list, but you had disappeared on us!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Secret Pal here. I have to ask what knitting books do you own if you have any. I don't want to send you one that you may have already. I have my eye on one that is really good and think you will love it but not sure if you may have it or not. Just list the ones you have here or email me at with the list of books you own so that way I know if you have the one I'm thinking of sending to you! You will have to guess what book it is (good luck in trying though!) so yeah, you know part of your surprise!;)