Monday, September 13, 2004

We Do Not Have The Technology

Well....taking a leaf from Bron's post earlier....I am obviously not the Bionic Woman...'cause I don't have the technology. I set up a Yahoo web page...came to the library to post my knitting pictures...but it isn't working. There are still other avenues to explore, like going to a friend's house where the computer will allow me to download what I need...but that isn't going to happen for a day or so. Argh!! I am such a computer moron.....but, have no fear...sooner or later I will figure this whole picture posting thing out and you will be able to actually *see* what I'm talking about when I mention projects....sigh...patience is a virtue, aye?

1 comment:

Bron said...

:::sending appropriate techie vibes your way 'cause I'd really like to see some pics! :::::