Monday, September 13, 2004

Lisa, did you read the directions?

About a year ago, when I made the leap to sock knitting, Ryan over at Mossy Cottage Knits mentored me, held my cyber hand, offered advice. I became stuck at one point in the pattern and emailed her wailing of my distress and angst. She replied with the answer and this question:

Lisa, did you read all of the directions?

To which I had to honestly reply...."", after which there was a Homer Simpson-like "Doh!" and slap to my forehead.

I cast off on DQ#1's poncho Saturday morning. I had determined that it was long enough. I began to cast off....and after 25 stitches or so this thought crossed my mind: "Hmmm. This is curling pretty bad. Huh. Well, it will probably uncurl when I add fringe." Mind you, this is plain ol' stockinette. A brief fancy of actually getting up off my rear and going to the bedroom to find the pattern occured, but was quickly know, 'cause I was sitting 15 steps away and all....and it was Saturday...and well, yeah.

I continued casting off...yup. Rolled right smartly. Course, I didn't want it to roll. But, I decided to fringe anyway. That would do it, surely?

No, it did not do it. After applying 20 or so fringes...which promptly curled right up into the roll, I got off my heinie in search of the pattern. Whadya know...yer sposed to do four rows of garter at the know, so it won't roll. Ryan's cyber voice again rang in my mind..."did you read all of the directions??" What can I say....I'm a twit.

So, I dutifully picked up the stitches...and knit four rows of garter. Guess what? It doesn't roll know. "Doh!"

I have actually had a picture taken of a knitting project and as soon as it is mailed to me, will try posting it. Unfortunately, since I am a clandestine blogger at work, I can't download "stuff" to help me just post pics the "regular" I will set up a Yahoo photo page with links to it. Best I can do at this point.....providing of course the picture comes out in the first place and my friend figures out how to send it to me......

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Anonymous said...

That's why we have our blog friends, esp. ones as awesome as Ryan....