Friday, February 10, 2006

All For The Glory....

So, yeah. Tonight is the Olympics opening ceremonies.

I have prepped:

I purchased the yarn.

I swatched. I washed and blocked the swatch.

I have informed family of my Olympic intent and said as tactfully as possible "I'm going to be knitting. A Lot. Don't bug me."

I've hit upon the idea of having a sleeve with me at all times as my "to go" knitting...which will work only if I have an extra needle in that size, which I am doubting. Note to self: When you get home, start digging. Second note: Jodie will have your head if you spread your stash and needles all over again, don't do that.

How confident am I that I can actually "win" a gold for the US in this event? Uh...well. Not really at all. But it's supposed to be fun...and a challenge, right? And I am quite convinced now that lacking "the love" for this yarn, it won't get knit at all unless I Just Do It. That actually is quite a motivator for me.

The other major motivator is that I have had a hard time finishing projects begun for Kayla. Yeah, she's gotten some hats and scarves....but the socks I started for her fell by the wayside. The poncho also fell by the wayside. This really, really needs to get finished.

Lastly, a perk of having Mary home living on my couch is she can take pics with her camera for me. I'm going to try to keep a posting pics of progress to egg me on.

Wish me luck!


Chris said...

Luck! Go go go go go go!!

purlewe said...

you can do it!! I know you can!!

snowballinhell said...

I keep telling myself I will just finish that damned Torino sweater and quit worrying about the other stuff. Right. With the Knitter's ADD I've had lately?