Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last-Place Olympian...

I checked out (here, scroll to bottom) some of the other knitters working on Rogue for the Olympics....And I think I'm in last place. There are Rogue sleeves being blocked, Rogue Hoods being cast on and finished...and I haven't hit the neckline...tho I hope to do so today.

Now halfway through the Olympic time period...I have serious KADD (knitter's ADD). The aforementioned dance student's baby has arrived...and I long to cast on with some cushy, soft, colorful yarn.

Also par for the course...I am wanting to buy yarn. I am commited to knitting down my stash...but having to move and pay the evil state over $1,000 in taxes...I cannot afford yarn.
But I want to buy it just the same. I've been strong however, and resisted.

When I think of character traits, self-discipline is not one I could easily label in my personality. As I grow older however, I'm working on changing that. The difference between my knitting and the knitting of those I admire is just that, self-discipline. They finish projects, even when they become bored with them. They rip out when necessary and continue on. Yes, a few of their projects end up stuffed in bags just like mine....but overall they persevere and FINISH.

So, regardless of the inclination to say "oh I'll never finish....why not cast on for a baby sweater?" I WILL finish Rogue. I may not finish it in the Olympic time period, but I'll finish it before I cast on for another project.

Added later: I got an email from Margene congratulating me as a winner in her birthday contest! I can honestly say, Margene is one of the knitters I admire most. Her knitting inspires me, and her blog often makes me think about my knitting. Thank you Margene! I really needed a lil' sumptin' right now to perk me up...and a prize, well....that does it!


Chris said...

Congratulations on winning a prize from Margene - sure to be divine and perhaps ease the craving to purchae yarn?

Reading your post, about being the "last place Olympian" and then onto your determination to persevere and finish Rogue, even if it's after the 26th - that determination to persevere is, I think, the very heart of the Olympics - and, in my eyes, puts you far from being the last-place Olympian.

margene said...

Finishing is the 'prize' no matter when that is. Thanks you for the sweet compliment.