Monday, February 13, 2006

Color Me Done

You know it's Monday when:

When you get to work and after searching for your key card to open the door, you realize it's inside on your desk.

When you realize that because you are a moron who cannot apparently add, you are overdrawn.
When you go out to get in your car at lunch time, you see your keys locked in the car on the driver's seat inside....and naturally, that is your only set.

This is just a small sampling of my life, currently.

Olympic knitting: I'm at row 35 of the body, and I bit the bullet and made the kangaroo pocket. The pocket, it wasn't hard. Picking up the stitches from the back in a straight line to continue the body of the sweater...that was a new experience. After trying several times to successfully to achieve a straight line, I went to the original Rogue KAL archives and got some ideas. What finally worked was taking a piece of white yarn and using a tapestry needle to thread it through the row I wanted to pick up. I could then SEE where I was going.

Still not feeling the love for this yarn...but also remembering that after soaking and blocking it could become the yarn of my dreams.

I have a dance student ready to have a baby any minute...and I am having ADD thoughts of "I wonder if I could start something for her AND still do the Rogue for the Olympics..." I've restrained myself, so far.

In other news, it is official. We have to move. I could go on and on about how stressful this is for me, but if you've been around Sahara Knits long, you already know it. If you're new, I'll spare you just this once. Suffice to say I've had a headache for four days solid.


Chris said...


Ye gads!! Hang in there!

knitti-me said...

I'm so sorry about the move. You've been in the house just about a year. Just don't go back to the trailer.

Perhaps you'll find something even better.

I'm finding myself distracted by other projects (project ADD), but I'm trying to stay the course with the Nuptial Throw Olympic event.