Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another day...another dollar....another row....

Making myself post...I don't have much to say...but I don't want to get in the habit of not blogging now that I've finally started again.

Knitting: I have begun the "Branching Out" Scarf from Knitty....sandy colored Silky Wool. So far, I have about six pattern repeats done. I am really enjoying it. Not too easy...not too difficult. Needs just enough attention to take my mind off of everything else, which is what I need.

Also started the "Good Ole Cable Scarf" from Rachel of Yarnagogo fame...In yer basic Brown Sheep Worsted...dark teal. Having fun with it...same deal as the aforementioned pattern...have to pay just enough attention to keep me from thinking too much, which is exactly what I need.

Been gearing up to redo the back of my Ribby Cardi.....you will recall in March I made the discovery I had royally effed up the back...when it was about 3/4 done. I was so upset it got crammed away and I haven't touched it...much less thought about it...since. Now I am thinking...hmm....get your butt in gear girl and get it out...you might have it done for fall. So, that is on my agenda as well.

So the question is....for all you oh-so-wise ones....Do I rip the back of Ribby out, ball it and knit from there? Do I simply knit as I rip from it? Do I bother to do the whole washing-the-yarn-so-it-isn't-wavy thing? What is your opinion? Enquiring minds want to know.....

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Knitti-me said...

Gosh Girl, I should have read your blog entries before I answered your email (smile); all the answers are here.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're back - don't know if I'm up for regular blogging yet or not - we'll see.

Forty pounds is really, really good. I'm proud of you! I'm thinking with my hysterectomy - that should be about 15 pounds right there and then the rest has to be lost the old fashoined way. 2006 will be our year - right?

My brother's wife accepted a teaching position at some college in Kansas and they will be leaving Oregon - so it looks like we won't be taking a trip up your way (sob).

I've rambled too much...