Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fiber Fever...

Wandering around the web...reacquainting myself with favorite blogs...I see the Flower Basket Shawl has been the "it" of knitting while I was away.

I want one.

Will I try one? Not likely. I also wanted a Must-Have Cardi...which has never come about. I should know by now....I do not play well with others. I cannot join the crowd. The minute I try...doomed to failure.

Several repeats on the Good Ole Cabled Scarf have managed to appear, and the same goes for the Branching Out Scarf. Both were the subject of some frogging yesterday...I had messed up on both and knew if I didn't rip it the mistakes would make me crazy. There is one row of seed stitch I mucked up on the cable scarf...about 3 knits instead of k/p/k/p. It is mildly irritating to me...but it is also at least one and a half repeats back. Doesn't irritate me THAT much...

I am borrowing a friend's copy of EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater pattern today for a shower gift for a dancer in my troupe. Said baby is due to make it's appearance within the next month to six weeks. I chose this pattern because it is all in one piece, which means it has a chance of getting is garter stitch, but also sort of different.

Now...I know I am about to bring the wrath of the knitting goddesses down on me here.....but I have been sort of apathetic about the whole "EZ is the most revered of knitters" thing. I fully recognize I should probably go back and look at her stuff again now that I have a little experience under my belt. I looked at her books when I first started knitting......and didn't move me.

Don't hate me, okay?


Rachael said...

Nah, I understand. I never got the whole EZ thing, but lately I got the Opinionated Knitter and I LURVE her now.

Robbyn said...

I do love EZ, but I don't get Alice Starmore. Different strokes, baby! Find what makes you happy :)

Amy said...

How funny. Even if you're not giving into to playing with others (;), you've mentioned a bunch of things on my plate. The Flower Basket Shawl is very cool. I've got a Must Have Cardigan nearing completion, too. And, I'm gearing up to start a Ribby Cardi. I hope things get rolling on the Baby Surprise Sweater. I love that rainbow color of Lorna's Laces, by the way. I made a set of hats last year out of the worsted version.