Friday, July 08, 2005

So much little time..

As I mentioned....moving brought my attention to just how much yarn I really have...

Going to work on getting photos this weekend and trying to post them...wish me luck with that...y'all know just how computer savvy I am....NOT.

I took a class last year at Gossamer Knitting to learn the Kaffe Fasset style of colorwork...and that would be an idea to use up alot of stash....not too hard, just time consuming. Don't have a lot of time at my disposal anymore either...working full time to afford my life. Unfortunately, that means no stash enhancement for me...but I'm at the point that going through my yarn is like Christmas..."oh! I forgot about that!!" Almost as good as buying new....almost.

Catching up with blogs...geez you women have been busy! Looking forward to re-connecting with you-who-take-the-time-to-read-me-even-though-I-don't-have-pictures....When Jodie gets here... July 25th....Hopefully she can bring me up to speed on loading pictures....Then watch out...I may go picture crazy....

So here's a question of the day for those who have nothing better to do:
If the poncho was last fall's hit...what do you think will be "it" this fall?


Bron said...

Shrugs. Definitely shrugs. They're everywhere already & I predict even more in the fall knitting mags.

Personally, I don't like them any better than ponchos. Big sigh..... Now boleros - boleros aren't too bad. It's only a matter of a few inches in length, but it makes all the difference. :::wink:::

Robbyn said...

I'm lousy at that kind of prediction, but based on what I'm hearing (note: no analysis of my own here), I'd have to say "shrugs" too. Never did get a poncho made and can't see making a shrug but who knows?

Nice to see you back :)