Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just Call Me Grumpy

I do not do well in the heat.

That is sort of an understatement...and yes, I realize I have little room to complain as we have zero humidity here and getting to 100 is a big deal. Yup, I know, it's a lot hotter in other places.

I don't care. I don't do well in the heat.

Knitting: Working on Branching Out....misplaced my sheet for Good Ole Cable Scarf, so I have no clue what row I'm on....and that just ticked me off this a.m., let me tell you. I remind myself of all the bad things in the world, misplacing my paper with it's little chicken scratches to tell me where I am on a scarf is not a world-altering event...but as I said, I'm grumpy and you dontwannagothere with me right now.

If last night had been even a bit cooler, I would have gone into the THE ZONE (i.e. garage full of half-opened boxes) to find Ribby and yank it out into the light of day. But it was hot...ugly hot...and I couldn't spare the energy.

Found this on my travels about the web this a.m., killing time. It intrigued me.

Question of the day: Do you think you knit less in the summer (or whenever the hot months are where you are)? I hear a lot of people here say "I only knit in the winter." I know it's not about there not being stuff to do here in winter, cause it is like sports paradise here year round. Not that this has anything to do with me since I am NOT sporty....not sporty at all. What about you??

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