Thursday, July 21, 2005

Somebody Save Me From Myself

I want yarn. I want new yarn. I want to go to the yarn shop and not just fondle the yarn...but bring it home with me.

I do not have any business buying yarn. I have enough yarn to keep me busy for a really, REALLY long time already.

But I am lusting to purchase yarn. Brightly colored yarn....smooth silky jewel toned yarn....classic creamy aran yarn.....sock yarn...oh, how I want to buy sock yarn.

It is a tangible ache...a need no one in "3D" can understand....sigh. But you understand, don't you??? You're like me, I think....wandering around the web in stolen moments from your job....mouth literally watering over new yarns...

The sane part of me (granted, this is not a big part of me....) says..."LISA! My god, look at all the yarn you have! Don't you DARE buy yarn!" That is the voice of reason. Boring...lackluster reason.

What do YOU do when you want to buy yarn...when you NEED to buy yarn....and shouldn't? Tell me quick...before I do something I could regret....


Robbyn said...

I try to remind myself that I'm a responsible adult and that self-indulgence, wile fubn, doesn't buy food, or pay rent or bills.

But I also bargain with myself (if I do THIS then I can get THAT) and I bargain-hunt ceaselessly. That combination generally gets me where I need to go both in terms of being a grown-up and on the yarn acquisition side :)

Donna said...

Sorry, can't help you. I usually give in and buy yarn :)
Then I feel guilty about it for a day or so, and try to knit faster, but then I fall into the evil cycle again.

Bron said...

Like Donna, I give in, so I'm no help. My buying usually goes in "sprees", then I knit frantically for a month or so to justify the purchases.

Although I've bought so much lately I don't think there's any way I can knit fast enough to even things out. hehehe