Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Ryan just cracked me up this a.m.....If you haven't already, you gotta go read her. Norma's cussing always makes me laugh and I have even said under my breath a time or two "Oh for f**ksake"...

You know as a always said "people won't like you if you use bad language." I took it pretty Ryan, I came to cursing later in life than fact, I do not recall ever using any eff word variants until I was in in my late 20's! Now...well....ahem...I'm no Norma....but if I'm mad....oooooh boy. It is somehow strangely satisfying to be able to curse effectively. Let's not examine that too closely, aye?

Knitting Content:
Norma got me started thinking about dishcloths...geez it IS all about Norma isn't it?...and I got this pattern (very first one, Double Diamond) and a ball of this (133 Shaded Denim) and cast on. First wedge came out perfect. Second wedge...not right. Looked right, but not the right amount of stitches at the end of the last row. Ripped back....but not far enough. Ripped back farther....still not right. Tonight, I will rip it back to the last row of the first wedge, where it actually WAS right and go from there.

Yes...I am being completely derailed, by knitting a dishcloth. Humbling experience. Still working on Branching out...wondering, is one skein of Silky Wool really enough here?? Guess we'll see. Found the sheet for Good Ole Cable (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RACHEL AND LALA!) and can get back to that.

Now is my life exciting or what? :) is. Sunday at 2:05 a.m. my sweetie arrives at PDX. For good. She is leaving her entire family....friends...her come to me. That is pretty damn exciting to me.


Robbyn said...

I love the round, short-row dishcloths - they're so much fun to make. Except that I have to finish a wedge before I go to bed because if I stop in the middle of it I'll never figure out where I am when I pick it up again!

Hang in - you'll get it :)

Donna said...

I remember well the feeling when DH moved interstate to be with me. I'm sure it took a few weeks to realise he was *really* here! Nearly 5 years ago now :)
Enjoy the excitement!