Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Christmas Knitting

Despite the fact it is likely to hit 100 degrees here mind is turning to Christmas. I would like to do some knitting for Christmas...but I am such a great starter/poor finisher....I wonder if I should even try!

I certainly could not imagine finishing sweaters or anything on a very big scale...but I am thinking a few scarves perhaps....some dishcloths....a "Norma's Sofie" or two....I definitely could to some major stash busting.

The thing soon as I say "This scarf is for Aunt Trudy" becomes a chore. Something I HAVE to finish...and therefore, don't want to. So I am thinking of just making what I want to make, no recipient in mind....stashing them away and when Christmas time comes, going through the finished items and dishing them out to whomever comes to mind.

So, the Question of the Day: Do you "do" Christmas Knitting? When do you start? Do you find a special pattern for everyone....knit everyone the same thing....

Do tell.


Knitti-me said...

You hit the nail on the head - when I put a name (receipient) to a project, it does become a chore. I tend to knit a lot of items that I would like and stash them. I bring them out for the annual boutique and then I gift the rest - that is if I'm not using them for myself. I do such a variety of colors and textures, there's bound to be something in there for almost anyone.

Norma said...

Well, I haven't developed a real plan for this, but I definitely like yours and knitti-me's idea. Just knit a bunch, then pull from the pile as the mood strikes you and as it feels appropriate. As a matter of fact, since you made me laugh so much at Ryan's blog with your comment ("don't touch it...."), I might go get started right now!

Robbyn said...

About half and half. Some things just scream to go to some people. Other things get made up and parcelled out later. Eh, it works :)

Amy said...

I tend to knit a few things for others for the holidays, but mostly just for close family. Sometimes, a gift is perfect, so it's not a chore - like the charlotte's web for my mom last year.

chelsea said...

I definitely prefer to knit what I want and then find recipients later. Unfortunately, I haven't done much of that this year.

I have been selfishly knitting myself socks after socks after socks in a comforting-transference gone haywire. :)

So, I will have to get on it. This means I may end up doing recipient-only knitting. I really want to finish a sweater for my oldest nephew (c'mon, the nine year old BOY requested a hand knit sweater!!! How can I say no?) a lacy thing for mom and some toys for the other two boys. Everyone else may just be outta luck.

Also, I didn't respond to the last question because. well. I just buy it. ~chelsea, who can't pay rent but is soothed by her growing collection of socks