Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Brain Doesn't Work Like That the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern last night, and promptly cast on.

Then ripped. And knit again.

Then I tried tinking go.

My brain doesn't work the way EZ's brain works. There is a point in the "pattern*" where she says "see what you're doing? Now just keep on doing that till you get to here... (paraphrased)."

Uh, no actually I DON'T see what ever the hell it is that I'm doing!! I am apparently as a very small must give me plain directions....give me numbers....TELL ME WHAT TO DO FOR GOD'S SAKE....PLEASE!

My salvation has been that there is actually a Yahoo group for knitting these patterns....where some other poor soul whose brain was probably boiling over at this point as well has created a spreadsheet which tells you what to do. I am not a free thinker....never have been. Give me directions, I can do anything by damn. Say..."here make something up..." and you'll be sorry. Or I will. Or maybe we both will.

Using Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in know...same stuff Ryan had once upon a time which threw me into fits of lust. The baby is to be a they say. Tired of the baby= pastel thing...I went for BRIGHT. I am loving it too.....

Now....if I just didn't have to work I could be knitting. Then again, I just bought two skeins of LL at $16 a pop for a baby sweater. Guess I better be glad I do work, eh? I was tempted, and I do mean tempted, to use acrylic. But the mommie to be "gets" it.....she gets the natural fiber yummy goodness of wool....she gets the work and love and time that will go into it...she will keep it and use it with other children or pass it along to someone equally understanding. She merits the LL.

*pattern. Apprently, Ms Z wasn't big on actual patterns per se.....more the knitting by the seat of yer pants kinda gal. Now I admire that immensely. Will I ever be that? I doubt it. I know many love it...and kudos to you. Meanwhile, thank you very much to the kind soul who created the spreadsheets on that yahoo group. You kept me from throwing in the towel at row 14.

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