Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can Today Be Friday?

I'm ready for this week to be over.... I supervise three other employees at my job. It is not one of my favorite things to do the "correction" part of the job - confronting employees about poor performance etc. There was a little of that this week...and it amazes me how draining it can be. It went well enough..but I'm ready for the weekend.

My Elann order came in...I have the yarn for Rogue. Now that I have it...I am wondering can I really do this? But I guess that is the challenge part, aye? I'm also been tempted....deeply Kenny's Jaywalker with Magic Loop tutorial...Finishing a pair of socks would certainly qualify as a challenge for me, as well, learning Magic Loop is on my list of 42 in 42...and you know...I have a *little* sock yarn, ahem...cough cough...

Jodie's demonstrator kit for Gold Canyon Candles arrived last night...this will be exciting for her. Some of us are good at sales...and some of us aren't. She is very good at it and great with people. I am not good at it, but I am good at doing background stuff and I'm enjoying learning about it and helping her get out there.

There's a meme going around with lists of four things...and I thought I would take just one part of it, blogs I check daily, and share with you. There are more than four...but remember, I sit in front of a computer day in and day out and have lots of opportunities to surf. In no particular order:

Boi Who Knits
Knitti Me
Mossy Cottage Knits
Bron's Blog
Zen Needle
Purls Before Swine
Yarn Harlot
Snowball In Hell
Stumbling Over Chaos
Purl Ewe
Pink Purl Grrl
Now Norma Knits

There are others I check REGULARLY...but not daily. I'll list them next week. I'm a little nervous I might have left someone I check daily off...Don't hurt me if I forgot you, okay?


margene said...

Smith woke up today and was sure it was Saturday...poor guy. Thanks for checking me daily. Enjoy your weekend when it (finally) gets here;-)

Knitti-me said...

Aw shucks... thanks for listing me.

I'm in the process of moving over to typepad. We'll see if I am successful. Will announce it to the world when I'm ready to go "live" with the typepad site (

Regarding Rogue vs the Magically Looped sock - both bring unique challenges. Maybe it is time to list the pros/cons of both projects. While I'm a self professed non-sock knitter, the Magic Loop method intrigues me (anything to avoid the dread dpns!). Good luck!

Chris said...

Aw, thanks - I'm honored!

Rogue will be a very intense 16 days! FWIW, I finished my Chaotic Black Purl Jaywalkers in 13 days, with pretty regular knitting. I knit relatively quickly, but am not a speed demon by any means - and I can be easily led astray by blogs and such.

Bron said...

I check your blog every day too, hon. Thanks for the mention!

purlewe said...

Wow. Thanks for listing me. Now I feel better about blathering on like I do. :) No I know you and Sue read me.. hahaha.

Both rogue and jaywalkers would be real challenges.. not to mention the magic loop method. I like the idea of pros and cons and perhaps a wee little poll to see what we think? I know that Boogie and I did the race for 16 days and neither of us finished our projects (hers was rogue.. mine eris) after the 16 days I alllowed myself a break. It was that intense. eep! what have we set ourselves up for???