Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Little Revision

In reviewing my 42 in 42 goals so far, I have come to realize that "getting control of my money" is too vague...to resolutionish. I need to be specific. So, that is being struck from the list for the time being. This is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, coming up with 42 things I want to accomplish in my 42nd year. Good thing I started three months early, eh?

Um, did I mention I joined a KAL? I know, I know...those who have been around awhile are saying..."Really now Lisa...you can't finish anything most of the time anyway and you KNOW KAL's have been the kiss of death for you...what WERE you thinking?" Well, this is much simpler, I promise. I joined the Monthly Dish Cloth KAL on Yahoo Groups. You knit two dishcloths a month. My goal is a simple one dish cloth a month. High tech knitting? No. Fun? Yes, I think so. You get 8-10 rows a day by email....so far, day three, I'm keeping up. No promises, but I'm having fun and that's the point, isn't it?

The Branching Out Scarf continues...It's the only thing besides the dish cloth I've touched in the last few days.

Belly dance is heating up...which means knitting time is getting squeezed. I'm trying to keep some balance in there tho...and not just disappear from knitting (and blogging, ahem) while I dive into dance stuff. Right now, I am finishing choreography on a troupe piece for a competition in June, my daughter's beginner competition solo, a students intermediate competition solo, and I think one more beginner student is going to take the leap to competing...and that will mean one more routine. Not to mention, my own solo...needed by mid April.

Now, Life. I note that when some knit bloggers post...they tell all about their struggles, day in day out. Others hint at problems....and still others never say a thing about their personal struggles. I definitely fall into the first category....I'm an open book. Tho...ahem...I don't tell y'll everything....believe me.

So you ask, what about it? Are you going to cry all over us or what?

Nope. I'm not. Yes I will share that right now life is sorta sucky. Finances are at an all-time low and my pride is right there along with it. But ya know...mostly, I'm okay. I'm not stuffing my face over it. I'm not weeping at my desk. My mind isn't racing frantically trying to cover my options.

I'm okay. I'm not thrilled...but, I'm okay. You know what? That's a pretty cool place to find myself right now.


mamacate said...

Hey, I say have fun. If you want to join a KAL, do it! Of course, I actually wrote to Cara to join the crossed in translation KAL, then went stash-diving to see if I had yarn for it and when I didn't...I wrote back and said never mind. Nothing like sharing your personal psychosis with good friends.

The secret to magic loop is addi 40" (or 46") circs. You need a really flexible cord. I tried it with a shorter, less flexible cord, and couldn't figure out how it worked, but when it tried it with addis, it made perfect sense. You just have to see it done in person and then it's dead simple. Too bad we don't live closer.

I hope things shape up soon. Hang in there. And in my book, you have a lot more to be proud about in how you handle adversity, than in whether or not you encounter it.

Ryan said...

I am very impressed that you are knitting Branching Out. I can do lace, really I can, but I got stuck right away on Branching Out and didn't get any further, which is extra-frustrating since the pattern is touted as being easy for a beginning knitter. Argh.

I look forward to a photo, hint, hint!

Knitti-me said...

This will certainly be the Year of the Budget for me. We keep "catching up" but then fall back into the same bad spending habits. Grrrr. So off to the budget counselor we go.

I also want to give the magic loop a try.