Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Please Mr. Postman, Look and See

Please Mister Postman, look and see (Oh yeah)
If there's a parcel in your bag for me (Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why's it takin' such a long time (Oh yeah)
For me to get that yarn of mine?

I know...Somewhere in the ether Karen Carpenter is holding her ears and humming "la la la la I can't hear her....la la la.." As an aside, I spent every single school morning of my 7th grade year sitting on my best friend Debbie's bedroom floor singing along with The Carpenters albums. Her voice "spoke" to me then...and I still feel incredible sadness that she's gone.

Sappy, but true.

Anyway...I should be opening the mailbox to yarn....glorius yarn...any day now. After a fairly successful yarn fast...I have the Naturwolle for Kayla's Rogue - My Olympic Effort on it's way as well as that gorgeous Twinkletoes sock yarn...

Since I haven't opened the mail box to anything but bills and a jury summons in a really long time...I'm excited. I'm dying to train...uh swatch...for the Rogue. Tho, I have to say, we decided to let the cable go in order to pay other bills and the fact I won't be watching the Olympics while knitting my Olympic effort seriously bums me out. At the same time, I'm horribly distract-able...so I'll likely get more done NOT watching it.

Reminds me...conversation in the car recently:
Superhero: "Mom, when is the cable going to get turned back on?"

Me: "Well...it's not. Cable is not a neccesity and we simply can not afford it right now."

Superhero: "But MOM!!! We NEED cable!"

Me: "Sorry Bud...I know it's a bummer."

Superhero: (wistfully) "I loved cable...."

Me: (internally) "Me too."

How did we get addicted to the idiot box so quickly? A couple of months of cable...and we're hooked....crack tv...yup...that's us.


snowballinhell said...

The scary thing, to me, was the leap from cable to Tivo. That thing is a menace and makes it much too easy to veg!

Ryan said...

If it makes you feel any better, I deliberately have NEVER had cable. Not that I suffer much, though, since TMK does... Still, if it reaches the point where I have really bad reception unless I get cable, I'd get rid of my TV first. Severe, I know, but I watch too much TV as it is, and I certainly don't want to encourage myself to watch more!

Knitti-me said...

It's amazing what we become use to and feel we can't live without. DVR (Tivo), home computer. We've now entered the iPod revolution - when will it ever end?

Chris said...

Ok, hard for me to relate here, since my tv only gets turned on to watch DVDs... But I do love getting me some fun mail, like yarn! And, since I'm in Stashalong, I'll just ride on mail and live vicariously.

Robbyn said...

Well, I do indulge once in a while - but I'm a lot more interested in movies than regularly scheduled television :)

Except for Supernatural, and Monk and Stargate...

Kenny said...

I love the anticipation of opening a box of yarn.

Cable is not that great. I have it and all I watch is DVD's.

Good luck in the Olympics. I'll be cheering on for you.

Kenny said...

No Sahara, don't change your Olympics pattern. I'm going so slow on this I don't know when my next tutorial for it is. Besides, it's not really even a tutorial. i'm not even sure if I'm doing it right. I might totally mess you up!!!