Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's Only Wednesday?

Are you sure it's only Wednesday? has been a really long week.

Branching Out...That's all I've been working on. Watched the Food Network while I managed a couple more pattern repeats... Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and (reluctantly) The Barefoot Contessa. The contessa....she bugs me. I don't know what it is...well, that's not true. She strikes me as pretentious and it just annoys me to death. Now Rachel? She's a little ditzy, but other than's like hanging out in a friend's kitchen. Paula? She's a crackpot really, but the kind you like. Cooking shows I can watch, knit and stay on track. Not much luck for me with other shows in that department.

Know what's my most recent secret trash tv addiction? MTV's "Made" - where teens with a dream get a chance for a make over and training by some biggie in that particular it dance, BMX racing, rap or whatevah. I'm 41 years old, what am I doing watching this crap? Don't have an answer to that...I just like it. Guess it appeals to the teen geek inside of me who wanted to break out and be somebody....

Still haven't made any decisions about a fair isle project...I have plenty of Rowan 4 ply in five colors, two blues, two dark reds and gray. DK weight I think. So far, everything I find calls for a heavier gauge, is huge, or looks too complex for my life right now. I suspect, joking aside, that I do have some kind of adult ADD...I've always just said I was scatterbrained, but after a little research....well, it would fit.

At any rate, if anyone has any ideas about a suitable fair isle project, let me know.

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Kenny said...

Hi sahara, i finnally put your blog in my blog list. Thanks for diligently reading my blog and commenting. Now I can know about you too!