Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday, Finally.....

More 42 in 42:
20. Knit myself a soft, warm, functional scarf. I have some frou-frou scarves...but not a "real" scarf.
21. Knit 12 dish cloths for my own kitchen (as opposed to giving them away which is what I always do..). The dish cloth KAL is definitely helping this goal.
22. Re-design my copper costume. The top is good...the hip belt needs to be completely redone and I need jewelry to match.
23. Construct new skirt & harem pants set for the copper costume.
24. Send 10 items to the Dulaan project this year.
25. Go bowling at least one time this year.
26. Go camping at least once this summer.
27. Go to the Oregon Coast at least once.
28. Go to Pride 2006 in Portland.

Today's knitting on the dish cloth will finish's a snowman, very cute. I'll try to take a pic. Yeah, yeah, I know I keep promising more pictures. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Over at Zeneedle, Margene is showing progress on Rosarie...and of course I'm drooling to do some fair isle. Got to thinking about the huge stash of Rowan I bought for an ill-fated fair isle vest that never came to fruition. Of course, let's was on size 1 needles for pities sake...and I am not a small woman. The yarn was expensive....and I have felt guilty everytime I've come across the yarn in my stash. So, after seeing Margene's Rosarie, I got to thinking...what can I do on a smaller scale? I'm thinking a bag, pillow...something. No hats. Just say no to fair isle hats is my thinking right now. I think I have 5 colors, something like that. I love these pillows...but I'm a little concerned it's too advanced for me.


margene said...

Yikes...they do look hard. Pick something easy and fun for practice. It's easier than you think. You have a nice list for the future. GOod luck!

Kenny said...

Hi Sahara, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all those nice comments. I need to add you to my blog lines.

Do you not have any pictures of your knitting?