Friday, January 27, 2006

Do A Little Dance...

Because it's Friday! Whew, began to wonder if this week would ever end.

I was very good. I am exceedingly proud of myself. I bit the bullet and made a swatch for my Olympic challenge, Kayla's Naturwolle Rogue. Then i actually washed the swatch and blocked it. It's not a big swatch, but it's a swatch. Swatching is not a natural step for me...casting on and going for it...then being completely annoyed after much labor is much more my style, oy....and *wash and block* the swatch? Never happened until now.

Thoughts on this process:
When I started my original Rogue from Cascade 220..I swatched....and swatched and swatched. I finally got gauge with size 10s...and I didn't like the resulting fabric many many hours into the project.

I got gauge on size 9's with the Naturwolle. Am I captivated by this yarn? No, but Kayla likes it and at that Elann price...well, I won't complain. It did puff up a bit after washing/blocking and I am thinking had I actually soaked it in a little Eucalan rather than plain water and let it sit in there awhile, I bet it would have puffed more. Hmmm, may do that this weekend just to see. This yarn is listed as "chunky" or may not agree entirely on that. Slightly heavy worsted is my thought. I know that when I make my own is going to be out of thick, luscious yarn and I don't care how much it costs.

My Over The Rainbow sock yarn arrived....and it is awesome...the colors are rich, it's soft...Mmmmmm. No clue what I'll make out of it...socks? Maybe.

I've been entertaining myself by surfing blogs on the Harlot's Olympic Knitters page. 1800 and I am speechless.


knitti-me said...

OMG, 1800?! I had no idea!

I've realized through many tears that the gauge swatch is our friend - but to give it a bath? I'm impressed.

Good Luck!

I just bought a $200 throw kit that matches my new living room furniture (husband doesn't know yet...). I'm trying not to jump in on that project and not get my friend's nuptial throw done during the Olympics. Must...Have...Control...

Chris said...

The Harlot, she is an amazing knitting force! I fear she did not fully grasp how much of a force she is until now. :)

Kenny said...

So, you decided to do Rogue instead of Jaywalker huh? Good luck!!