Friday, January 13, 2006


I know, rather unoriginal title, but it hits the mark. Let's recap this week...
  • Children have continued bickering incessantly, despite the end of the holiday break. Every waking moment at home is spend complaining, bickering, and/or harrassing their sib(s).
  • When not engaged in the charming behavior above...they have been wild...and I do mean...wild. Acrobatic, running, loud, rolling around on the floor kind of wild.
  • Work has I apparently have no tolerance for coworkers either.
  • The day I chose to go home early and get some much-needed sleep (and had futile hopes of knitting...) I was not thinking clearly and chose early-release Wednesday to go home. See first two bullets above to understand fully why this was not a great choice.
  • We are temporarily down to one car...with three working adults* in the house...this sucks.
  • The handle for the hot water in the master shower has broken...necessitating calling the landlord. The landlord will come by today and look at it. The problem with that is a) I am only supposed to have 2 pets...and I currently have 1 adult cat and 3 kittens and b) Landlord is OCD/Anal Retentive to the max and I am stressed out about the house not being clean enough. My lease expires in April and it is a fear (probably completely over hyped in my own mind) that they won't renew my lease.
  • I think (ahem, I know...) I've been spotty taking my antidepressant and as those who take them know...that can come back to bite you in the butt in a big way....which I think is sort of happening....

I have had some good things go on this week tho...I am in my last repeat of Branching Out (by the way, when I said I thought I had enough mohair for 10 more repeats...uh...I'm an idiot. Two, maybe three repeats tops). I cast on for an Irish Hiking Scarf for ME to match the mitts in LL worsted "waterfall" colorway which is my all time favorite.

I also broke my yarn fast. It wasn't much of a fast to be honest, but I did pretty well NOT spending. Then I cruised by Over The Rainbow....and saw this...and well....ahem...more yarn for me. What am I going to make out of it you ask? Hell if I know.


Knitti-me said...

Yarn can do what a couple of Prozac can't - Ha! Get back on your meds.

I hear you on the kids. My kids bicker all the time and then husband get in on the action and he's just as imature as the boy (do they ever grow up?!). I just want peace - peace and quite - PLEASE!

margene said...

New yarn is good for the soul. THank you for taking time to comment on my blog today. It's very insightful to hear how others surf around blogland.

snowballinhell said...

Thanks. Now I have a skein of it on its way to me.

Chris said...

Oh, what lovely yarn. Good thing I'm in Stashalong - it's giving me pseudo willpower! :)

MUST... STAY... ON... MEDS. Really. Or my cat will come stare at you.

Kenny said...

That is some gorgeous yarn. It's funny about antidepresants. Depression is not like a headache, you take a pill it goes away. I sometimes don't even know if the meds are working, but other people tell me they are. And my doctor told me to remember, antidepressants only bring you back to your base line, the way you normally are. For me, I'm "normally" a depressed person anyways, so the meds have apparently helped me to get out of my severe depression and now it's up to me to work towards being happy.

Anyways, I'm not sure what the whole point of that was, but hey, it's a comment I left on your blog. Have a great weekend!

Michael Manning said...

Landlords! When I read that I thought, it might be a good time to give the kitties a ride around the block in the car for about 90 minutes while the fawcett gets fixed. I was lucky on that front. Have a great day!

Pamela said...

Hello, Knitte-me sent me :)

So sorry to hear about your hassle with the kids. I guess early release Wednesday wasn't a great choice to go home early!

Try not to get stressed about your landlord. Most landlords aren't troubled about a bit of mess, as long as you pay the rent on time and aren't damaging the fabric of the building!

purlewe said...

deep breath, plus take your meds..

see we all love ya and we want you to be the healthiest YOU you can be.. so if taking meds is a part of that then we are all behind ya. My aunt has been taking something for yrs.. and whenever she thinks "huh. I don't need this anymore" and then goes off for a month she says it is unbearable.

The yarn is gorgeous though. I could see that being a sunshine in my day. pet the kitties, tell the kids to take a hike for a few hours and get some rest.