Monday, January 30, 2006

I find this disturbing on more levels than I can express....Stolen from Norma...who got it from RockChick....


Knitting: Two whole rows on The Braids. Big whoopee, eh? A few rows on the Irish Hiking scarf for moi.

Bellydance was fast and furious this weekend. My class performed in the Central Oregon Dance Showcase (look to the right for a description. I lease space so I'm not listed under the teacher directory there) so there was dress rehearsal Friday night, the show Saturday night, Class Sunday night, and tonight there is troupe rehearsal. My butt's a'draggin.

I have found that a friend has a swift and I'm planning on heading over there to wind up some of the hanks I have laying around. I'm lazy...and balling up yarn while trying to keep it untangled off the door knob or back of a chair...well, it makes me crazy. I have a LOT of yarn in hanks. Yeah, I know, buy my own swift...but I can't right now. She doesn't have a ball winder, says she has always wound her own center-pull balls and will show me how. She spins and knits and tho I've known this for a long time, it will be our first time getting together for any fiber-related fun. I'm excited about it.

Been over to Marie's lately? She's having a contest! Hop on over and tell her I sent you, okay? She has new blog digs...go see!


Chris said...

Hmm, winding center pull balls from the swift without a ball winder isn't going to be much faster than the winding you're doing without a swift. If you lived in my neighborhood, I'd say stop on by - I have both and they're definitely underutlized. :)

knitti-me said...

That swimwear is truly disturbing. Religious fanatics, cultic, separatists - all comes to mind (shudder).

Thanks for the shameless plug!

Kenny said...

What is disturbing about those swimwear dresses?

I recently broke down and bought a swift.