Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Harder Than I Thought

Okay, the 42 in 42 thing...waaay harder than I would have guessed. Here is where I am so far:

1. Learn Magic Loop method.
2. Finish the second sock on circ I have cast on using the Cat Bordhi book.
3. Choreograph a competition-worthy routine for troupe. (Status: 1/3 done)
4. Compete with troupe at Canyonville, Oregon Belly Dancer USA Bellydance Competition in June 2006.
5. Choreograph 3 full routines for myself. (Status: 1/9th done)
6. Perform solo at Halfa for Ayeesha Aroosh silk veil workshop April 2006.
7. Perform solo at Saqra's Showcase April 2006.
8. Perform solo at High Desert Bellydance Festival June 2006.
9. Go to 100 OA meetings (status: 2 down...98 to go).
10. Read the Chronicles of Narnia series.
11. Finish Ribby Cardi (status: Sleeves done, back needs to be ripped and re-knit, then fronts knit...and then ... you know...seaming it together and all....argh)
12. Finish The Braids Cardigan.
13. Knit my stash down by 50%.
14. Save enough money to go to Disneyland in fall 2006/early winter 2007.
16. Refelt the Oregon Tote bag that I knit 2 years ago, and didn't felt enough, but didn't know what was the matter with it until recently...it needs more felting!
17. Organize the mountain of craft supplies (or "craft shit" as Jodie so delicately puts it..) in my garage.
18. Go to Seattle to meet Ryan and TMK.
19. Go to one of the many ceramic shops in town where you can paint your own and they fire it.

Eh. Not exciting. A couple more rows on Branching Out, probably 50% or more done there. The next installment of the dishcloth done, check. No idea what the design in the middle is...they don't give you a picture or the whole pattern...just the daily rows. It is sort of liberating, really. Just do what you're told. Knit your rows.

Late Christmas Gift! My oldest, Mary, stopped by last night with a gift she had ordered for me. It hadn't arrived in time for Christmas...it's the book "Lavish Lace" by Carol Rasmussen Noble and Cheryl Potter. I've only got to skim it so far, but I'm loving the inspiration it gives me already.

So...I rarely post about TV. I don't watch a lot of TV...mainly because I'm always tired and can't manage to stay up and watch the shows that are on late....If Jodie is working I'd rather be knitting or dancing than watching TV...but I do have a couple shows I'm addicted to...namely The Closer and Cold Case. I also like....the Food Network. I watch Emeril (tho he puts too much stuff on his food for me...I prefer simpler fare but he entertains me nonetheless), Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee. I get a huge kick out of Unwrapped. I love that show! You know when you were a kid (ahem....those of you in my age group anyway) and programs like Mr Rogers (don't go off about him, I loved him...he was a gentle sweet man who showed me there were nice men in the world in a time when I wasn't so sure...) or sesame Street would show how stuff was made, like erasers or pencils or whatever??? I LOVED THOSE SEGMENTS! This is the same premise...how foods are made, history etc. Pretty cool.

So...what do YOU like to watch, my charming readers??


Knitti-me said...

I used to be obsessed with HGTV and TLC home makeover shows - but that has waned a bit the last year or so. Right now I love NetFlix and am working my way through all the "Buffy/Vampire Slayer" seasons and "Star Trek Voyager."

Love "Lost" and "Survivor." We follow "American Idol" too. I really enjoy "Cold Case" too. We tune into some of the CSI's and Law & Order's during the week too.

Lot's of TV knitting to be sure.

Ryan said...

We're on the list! Woo-hoo!!!