Monday, August 01, 2005

The Fast Lane

Here we are...Monday, Monday. Yee haw. My goal this week is to work as many hours as possible. If I can get to 40 hours this week, I think it will be a blooming miracle....but it is the goal.

Trying very, very hard to get control of my finances. Jodie is very good with this...and is holding my hand through it. Actually...I have completely given control of my finances over to her. You have NO IDEA how significant this is to me. I am so incredibly tired of the financial rollercoaster ride I have been is a relief in many ways. It is also scary as hell. I handed over my debit cards and sole credit card. Working only with cash.

I could break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

The independant side of me says....dammit. If I wanna go to lunch....or buy yarn...or a knitting magazine...or whatever...I'm gonna do it! But that kind of self-absorbed behavior has got me to where I debt, behind on everything, afraid-t0-answer-the-phone state. Not a fun place to be. I am 41 years old...and I don't like how I've been handling (or not handling as the case may be) my money. will be seeing a lot of stash busting here at Sahara Knits. Good thing I have plenty o' stash, now isn't it? Hee*******

Branching Out is *this* close to being done. Soon as I bind off...I'm casting on for a "Norma's" version of Sofie using some lovely celery/sagey green Cascade 220. Still haven't dragged out Ribby Cardi, but dang it's hot....

Question of the Day: Can you pass up a bundle of old metal knitting needles at a garage favor of Addi's or bamboo? Not me. I see a bundle of old Boye needles for a's mine. When I teach someone to knit, I give them a pair to start out with. YOU?

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