Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I was over at Carole's checking out her comment contest. Her post about knowing she has readers...but they don't comment got me thinking.

You know how dangerous that thinking.

I am a true introvert as defined by the "test" (INFP)..someone who gets their energy from being alone rather than being with people. I would rather have one good friend than a lot of acquaintances. I was never in the popular groups....always had a small, tight-knit group of friends.

Yes, I am vain enough to look at how many visitors I have a day...I try really hard to respond to comments when I can...but work tends to sqaush that sometimes. I always go and look at commentor's blog and try to leave a comment of my own...sort of a reciprocal commenting thing. I was ridiculously pleased to find out I have five subscribers through Bloglines. Yep...5 made my day.

It brings back the question, yet again, why am I doing this? I am not on any rings...don't care to be either. I don't care that I will never have 100s of readers waiting with bated breath for my next post. Sort of makes me laugh to even consider it.

And once is about connection. Connecting with a few people who "get" it. Who get why I knit...and/or being queer...or tend to depression....or some other connecting point.

Well worth it.

Knitting content: I have been taking pics and will be able to afford to actually develop them this weekend, then watch out...I'll be posting pics! wheeeee.

Hanging Vines and I are finally in sync. I like the method of one page per row print outs, makes the row "pop" and I can SEE what I'm doing....finally. Straight bamboo needles have taken the irritation out of the too-tight yarn overs sticking on the circ joins...and that has caused much more love to flow for the Knit Picks laceweight yarn, Alpaca Cloud in Tidepool. I am starting to enjoy myself with it...keeping in mind this will be a long-term project for me. That I will not quit half way through it....I will finish this scarf.


margene said...

I almost wish this project would go on forever. I love the pattern and my yarn is really wonderful, too. I'm doing the large stole size (I think it's 28x72") and I'm just a bit more than half way. It's addicting. Enjoy!

Elaine said...

The world is a better place because of INFPs! My dear BLING is an INFP, she keeps this crazy, over-committing, nutjob of an ESTJ anchored.

If you come up for the knit-in, I promise to do my best to be underwhelming. Any chance of a northern trek for you?

Sahara said...

well, actually Elaine, i AM tossing the idea's only about 8 hours....not un-doable...and think of all the folks I'd get to meet!!!! I'm pondering it pretty hard....