Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sofie...ready for her bath

Ms Sofie is ready for her felting bath. I love it, simply love it at this point. I think I might have been able to squeeze out another row from the yarn I had left...but wasn't willing to risk it....or I was too lazy. Or something. This was a FAST knit! Wow! FAST! Very satisfying. I haven't decided what I will do for handles...I am not interested in knitting them...can't afford to send for the cool ones like Mizz Norma used...contemplating making them...also contemplating completely cheating and buying some from the craft store. We'll see.

Fickle as usual....I've already moved on.

I looked at the stash kept in my closet last night....about 6-8 medium size Sterlite bins. This reminds me....this was brought up the other day, my stash. I said something about I had to figure out what to do with the rest of the yarn in the garage. Jodie said "There's MORE?"

Kayla (my lovely almost 17yo) shot a glance at me from the corner of her eye....I blushed. "Uh...yeah. There's more...a LOT more." Kayla murmured something unintelligible about "yarn fetish" under her breath....Ahem. Jodie is becoming initiated into what it is like to be partnered with a yarn-addicted craft ho. Hee.....

At any rate...ramble, ramble....I dragged out some of the gorgeous 50% silk/50% merino I got from Spirit Trail last year. I have 800 yards....and I always put it back thinking, "I should save this for something special." Hello. I've had it a year. I just closed my eyes and lept...grabbed a hank, wound it into a ball, and it is going to be the next version of Branching Out.

I have a LOT of yarn I am "saving." This is not useful to me...cause I will "save" it till hell freezes over. Why not use it? Why not enjoy it? I love this yarn, SERIOUSLY love this yarn.

So I'm going to use it. Then, I'm going to continue on and ENJOY the yarn I have....and stop "saving" it for something "special."

Anyone else have this whole mental block to using the 'nice' stuff...saving it for later? It seems to be a family I hate. So it's time to break myself of it!

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Bron said...

Hell yes - the same trait runs in my family. I think I've even blogged about it a couple of times. Good for you for getting over that hurdle!

Enjoy the yarn, pamper yourself, you deserve it. :)